PVPing, New Synthesis Formulas, And New FC

So, our story starts at night, when I'm matched up against Effon in a Fate match. This match ended ugly; nothing special, so I didn't get a screenshot of it. The fun part was what lay waiting for me after that match.

I joined thinking that it was just another match, only to open up the player list and see five 8xs on the Chaos side. At that point, Effon tells me that it was a setup, all to watch me lose. :O

To a point, they succeeded. They got me 3 times. First one was with all 5 of them near Point 10, though I managed to get Effon first before dying. XD Second death was with just 3 of them, and I failed to take one of them with me. D: Third death... I didn't even see it 'cause I was lagging. T_T

Though, end result: Law still wins. :O

So, good news for me 'cause my team was busy capturing points while I was being hunted. Notice how vastly different the levels in the teams were. D: Clooud was in it, too, but I think he DCed mid-way.

So, Match 2: nothing much to it; they decided to split up into smaller groups to secure points so they could win the match. With smaller groups, I had no fear. Nothing much here; I killed, I captured points, and then the match ended.

End result: Law still wins. :O

Near the end of matches, both teams got that stupid Wind Buff. The only difference was that I'm melee, so I couldn't do any damage to the other players while mages could hurt me. There was no third match 'cause it was almost Full Moon and Xay wanted me to kill Nyarlathotep for him. End result: I win. ^_^ Since the matches were deliberately stacked to make me lose, I felt the need to share a win. So, bragging/ego boasting aside, here's those Synthesis Formulas, if anyone cares:
Elememental blade (machetes, Wind God, Flame Blade, etc)
Soul Fuse: Elementine, Tarot: Crystal Sublimation
Result: Elemental Orb (with element based on your base blade element)

Sorrowful Storm (lvl 86 req, Wind God upgrade)
Wind God Soul Fuse: Elemental Orb (wind version), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation

Sorrowful Thunder (lvl 86 req, Thunder God upgrade)
Thunder God Soul Fuse: Elemental Orb (thunder version), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation

Weapons With Relic Soul Fuse:
Relic (weapon), Tarot: Crystal Sublimation
List of weapons possible: Jiabo, Fan of Exorcism, Steelslicer, Magnus Spear, Axe of Pluto, Headhunter Spoon, Reaper's Colt, Gram, Crimson Red Dusk, Sol Blade, Lunar Blade, Kamudonotsurugi, Valhalla (don't know where the relic drops from, though),another formula for Ogre Thunder (but doesn't matter, since no one has one, anyway)

Poseidon Spear (lvl 81 req, ice-boost spear)
Trident Soul Fuse: Aquan, Tarot: Sublimation

Phlegethon (lvl 81 req, fire-boost spear)
Magma Spear Soul Fuse: Flammies, Tarot: Sublimation

Jack Frost's Wonderful Hat
Jack Frost Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Jack Frost stone

Cait Sith's Wonderful Hat
Cait Sith Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Cait Sith stone

Pyro Jack's Wonderful Hat
Pyro Hat Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Pyro Jack stone

Wonderful Aello Helmet
Aello Helmet Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Aello stone

Raven's Mask of Shadow
Raven Mask Soul Fuse: Sublimation, Tarot: Yatsu stone

Lastly, the new FCs. Since the GMs were too lazy to post it, here is the player-posted version.

Anti-Demon FC:
From what I heard, with a 600AP price tag, the rates on these Vouchers are still extremely low. The Fillers are decent, as those items are actually used a lot in PVP and levelling now, but the quantities are slightly lower than Macca:AP ratio. Weapons are just...junk. I'd rather get those fillers than those garbage stuff. So, low % top prize, decent fillers, crap supposedly middle prize = 5/10. (I mean, even the super rare sets' stats aren't amazing enough to make it a must-have.)

Seven Sisters FC:
With all the consumable flood and prices just PLUMMETING to the ground, do we really need more? The Hourglass and Lethe Bottle was a nice touch, but with almost pure consumables as fillers, do we really need more? The two vouchers are old rares, and I assume the rates on those are as horrific as always. So, low % top prize, horrid fillers that are so flooded in the market (you're better off buying them in-game) = 4/10. (I mean, the quantities on the consumables are still high enough to meet Macca:AP ratio, but how long will that last if it gets spammed more...?)

There. All the new formulas that I promised. Also, corrected the info a bit from Finella's comment on last post. Oh yeah, last note - Bleach chapter is finally out, so I can sleep now. D: (Though, I don't know why I bother anymore; it's been going downhill since the balance of power is getting more and more skewed.)