Windows 7? (Not About Megaten !?)

Okay. So, to start, this is a small rant pitching the new Windows 7 that's about to come out. It's good, and everyone should use it (at least, from what I see now).

Let's start off with this: I started using it since January-ish, with version 7000. On July/09 that version was suppose to "blow up" and I had to reinstall my operating system to the version 7100. It extends your "blow up" date to July/10. So, after like half a year of using this, when I first went back to Vista (I have dual boot) so that I could reinstall the new version of Windows 7 (called W7 now because I'm lazy), I was reassured how much I hate Vista. I was forced to use Vista as my laptop hardware (mainly, drivers) weren't supported for XP. So, here are some small things about W7 that peaked my interest:

1. Much less system resources wasted, compared to Vista.
2. W7 takes up a measly 20GB compared to Vista (at 100GB?).
3. Wastes less virtual memory by not constantly keeping all those small windows on taskbar active (like on Vista).
4. They redid some of the basic programs (that I use a lot), like Paint, Notepad, Calculator, and it's much better. (Although, I'm still not used to the new Paint stuff.)
5. Right now it only costs $50 to upgrade from Vista to W7 (pretty cheap IMO, considering how much money people blow on virtual items).
6. It has an option "run programs under Windows XP mode", meaning that all Windows XP compatible programs should work in W7.

You can find more info here.

So, end of story: really like W7 so far, from the beta release. I think you should check it out when it comes out. For sure it won't be as fail as Vista. I'll do the review of FCs later...