New FCs + Some Fun In The Sun Randomness

Since I love walls of text, this entry will be nice and long.

Starting off with the FCs.

Beach FC:
The sets are nice but completely overshadowed by other FC sets. Ignoring that, it's not a bad FC. You can get some really good rings, and those consumables always useful (and still has resell value). The only junk here is the earrings. 7/10

Angel FC:
The top prize sets are just wow - too bad the fillers are junk. I mean, almost everyone walks away with the 2xEXP + damage incense. Who the hell still uses 2xEXP when 3xEXP prices are rock bottom?! Low odds on top prize is always bad, and coupling it with bad fillers only makes it worse. People are only seeing the top prize and then wasting huge AP failing at it. 4/10

Also they added Restats for 300k in-game Macca. That is a huge plus. Everyone should take this chance to fix their stats.

So, now the fun time. Fun Stuff #1:
Lets start with this. This is how I waste all my money, Lething in 1.9 Spin just to do the video and then removing it afterward. Long live the Village Idiots that believe "gosu" teams can only do 6-7 runs on one incense, so me doing a run in 5min is IMPOSSIBLE. :O (Speed runs, I mean, not full runs. >.>)

Here's the video I frapped:

So, Fun Stuff #2:
Me and Rho have a disagreement. I own an NDS, while Rho has a PSP. We both agree that each has its ups and downs. The problem lies in which system seems more "azn", so there's a new vote up for it. XD

So Fun Stuff #3:

Good news for me. Luckily, I have fun receiving PMs like this, which satisfies why he believes we should play games. It brings joy to my life that I have a stalker that goes far enough to follow all my randomness in all I do. lolz. It's okay, my stalker-ish friend - even though this PM probably is report material, I won't report you in the hopes that you send more of these to brighten my day with.

Rawr. At least spell the Pokemon's name right:

On a last note, since my stalker-ish friend brought it up, my blog failed to win the $200 AP thing - probably 'cause it's not optimistic enough about Aeria. Maybe I should have been all, "Aeria iz da beztiest!!!111!1!!1!" (Cynical Aaro Note: I wanna know who won. That's all.)