So, anyone else notice how Aeria likes to run two Tier/Raffle/XYZ promos a week now? Sales must be down to have to run so many big promos...

So, I finally got a rare drop and THIS is what I got. Like...seriously. These used to be so rare (I mean, I guess it still is) and I get this card now that it is worthless. I just used up all of my luck on this PoS drop. (._.) FML.
(Aaro Note~ : And now you know the reason for the title.)

So, to continue where Rho's story left off:
(Aaro Disclaimer~ : This is in no way affiliated with Rho's story. She's being lazy. But still. All similarities are coincidences; Aaro is not evil, Pearz is not omniscient, and Rho is not the traditional loveable anime heroine that's slightly dense and too far.)

As Aaro eyed the Kingdom Shard, he suddenly pointed behind Rho and cried in panic, "OMG, LOOK OUT!"

Rho quickly turned around, readying herself for whatever was to come.


Rho turned back to see Aaro running away. She scratched her head, wondering what had just happened, and then suddenly looked down at her hands. The Kingdom Shard had been stolen!

Rho looked in the direction that Aaro had run in, but he was already out of sight. What was she supposed to do? She suddenly heard a loud bang, and she began running in the direction of the sound.

She began seeing bookshelves that were lined with blood, and she knew that this was not a good sign. As Rho turned the corner, she saw a mutilated corpse that somewhat vaguely resembled Aaro.

Was the Kingdom Shard I was holding that important?

"Yes, it is," came a booming voice behind Rho.

Quickly spinning around, to Rho's awe, she found Pearz standing there. She tossed the Kingdom Shard towards Rho, and then turned to walk away.

"Wait, what are you not telling me?" Rho shouted.

"You will find out soon enough," came the answer as Pearz disappeared in the shadows.


zzzzzz + ZZZZZZ = zZzZzZzZzZzZ

(Aaro Note~ : You have too much free time on your hands to do that title.)

So, I finally have some time to do a blog post. I've been semi-busy lately. *cough cough* failing HON *cough cough* But here is my small update.

While Rho and I are off HONaging (yes, I just made up that word), the "new" leader of Rain is pretty much Indi (since Rho's GS tag screwed up the Clan Master thing and she can't get access to her Master Powers). Indi made a blog here, where you can go read a more regularly updated blog. I mean, seriously, 5 posts in 5 days. (._.) /contemplates turning blog into a HON blog D:
(Aaro Note~! : We did 5 posts in 1 day when we first started.)

For the next couple of days, we have the Consumable Trade-In Event. Other than that Mobile Inferno and the Wild Jester (for lulz), most of these prizes are pretty bad. Also, the only consumables worth trading in are the Clovers, 3x Cups and Cequencers. The rest are ridiculously overpriced. 150 5x Demon Incense?! Owelz~ I'm trading in for the Mobile Inferno purely for the Rapid cooldown. That lv25 solo Ichi Gold project will one day finish (when I'm not lazy...i.e. never). Slowly but surely, I'll finish skill training that nubby character. D:

So some of you may have seen the post that Jolt made about the No-Dura-Loss in PVP. I would like to point back to a previous blog post (about a month ago) that predicted that the next patch we get will be in December. Let's see how pro my predicting skillz are~

For the FC on Oct 20th (yes, I know I made this post after the new FCs are out): other than the Candle that's out, they all suck. The 2007 Halloween set is crap, and do you really need more consumables?

Lastly, if you want to "fix" Fifi, go flame DiabloCakes. Or, if you want to remain anonymous ('cause you fearz Diablo's wrath?), pm me on the forums or such stuff, and I'll post it here (i.e. do the work for me 'cause I'm lazy).

(PS: Bug Rho for more Saga Chapters, or I might end up butchering finishing it.)

Finished blog in record time: ONLY 20min to write and then one day to procrastinate.


HON Account Creation

For one day only, they're opening up registration to everyone. You can make as many accounts as you want. (click on link)

Have fun~

EDIT: The link is closed now <.<


Soez How's Life?

So, it's been a while since I last updated. Here it is:

We got our Nightmare Vouchers and then quickly got our LNC Sets right after it was paid out. *cough cough* Guard Set *cough cough*. They pulled the same trick twice. You know the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Hope not too many of you got some butt sores from this promo. XD At least you can cover your face in shame (if you're a male) or grab your boob all day (if you're a female), and pretend it's okay now. I got my Law Voucher (thanks, Force); just need to find stones to fuse into it.

Also, if you don't know, Diablocakes broke Fifi. Now to slowly wait for Fifi to stop having so much fun with this and translate it back to English. I can fix Fifi if you help donate to me to buy this:

Guaranteed to fix Fifi with this easy-to-do-it-yourself-problem-fixer-solution:

Now, a short bit about the FC. You got the amazing shotgun for shot mages until candle comes in (like a week or two later), and the LNC FC that is there for you to try on 'cause like hell you're going to ACTUALLY get it from the FC.

I also updated my trade list after like 3 months with all my junk rotting on my mules. You can check that out in the links side bar thingy.

Last note is a call out for any decent animes worth picking up this fall season. I usually only keep up with Chihiro Subs (after EF - Tale Of Memories, which I loved) but seems like there's only one that's worth watching. (Don't recommend any run-on anime, pl0x.)

So, since I always take forever to do a blog post: along the way someone posted this. (I forgot who, so no credit. D:) My question of the day is why is that little girl so happy? D:


Tying Up The Loose Ends

As most of you know, I am semi-retired. I pop in to do my DFQs and, on occasion, jump into a PVP match. Now, I know that I said this first line before too, but meh. After roughly a 9-month run in Megaten (slightly shorter than my stay in DOMO), I think I've finished achieving my goal. We all start the game with different goals in mind. Some may want to socialize, others to explore, and a vast many to kill some time (and possibly have fun).

When I first started Megaten, I had one goal in mind. I chose to be melee because it was the "weakest" class. As such, I was out to prove that a class in itself was not weak; it was the skill of the players that were lacking. You look at the melee class now, and no one would consider it the weakest anymore - not to mention all the people making melee characters now. As such, I believe that I achieved that particular goal I set out for myself.

My other goal was to dominate PVP. Without a long blurb, I believe I did.

So, all in all, when you achieve all your goals, nothing really holds you to the game. (I still have a guild, which is why I still log.)

Today, I decided to actually walk around Channel 1 Babel. Wow, it is really empty now. On a weekend afternoon, there was a total of 2 people at the south terminal and 1 person at the fountain. It is getting kind of eerily desolate in game. Wonder how long Megaten will last...

This is most likely the last FC Review, since I've always hated them, I'm semi-retired, and...I've always hated them.

FC Review:
Magic Blades FC - 300AP
Top Prize - All useless. 1/10
Medium Prize - Re-introduced Charms with consumables not even at the Macca:AP. 0/10
Filler Prize - Nothing mildly decent. 2/10

Overall = 1/10.

Quite Charming FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Some new weapons, mostly not that useful but they do look spiffy. 6/10
Medium Prize - New Light Icon Charm. Other than that, the rest is pretty junk-ish. 3/10
Filler Prize - Horrid quantities of consumables for 600AP. 1/10

Overall = 4/10.

And the final fun note:


Weaver Of Conspiracies

So, as most of you know by now, I am semi-retired from Megaten. (I just log in to do my DFQ every day; I don't know why, but I do it.) I have been spending my time getting owned getting experience playing HON (Heroes of Newerth). For those that don't know: it's basically a better-looking and generally better engine version of DOTA(If you don't know what DOTA is, then you fail. D:) So, if you want to play HON with me, you can look for me under Pearz.

Some funny side news that I've been seeing lately in the newspaper (for those people that don't read newspapers... >.>) At Tuft's University they started a new policy to ban sex in dorm rooms if your roommate is present. Funny thing is: only 12 people total complained, and a population of 8500 got this policy in effect. Pretty funny stuff; what would happen if you wanted to have sex with your roommate? O.O I found this extremely funny. D:

So, a couple of days ago, it was announced that the card incenses will be removed until further notice. Good news is that anyone who bought it will get compensation. I am personally torn about this decision: on one hand, it restores the semblance of balance in PVP...but at what price? This incense could have greatly helped the players level faster and use AP to feign skill while doing dungeon runs. Either way, for the outcry of PVPers to affect the PVE population makes me feel kinda bad.

Also, I don't remember who told me to pick up Valkyria Chronicles once again, but I am sorrowfully disappointed at the ending even though you knew it was coming. It was decent leading up to then, and then you just go bleh.
Spoiler: (highlight to see)
Gawd, the main male lead, Welkin, is a total asswipe and I feel bad for Faldio, who did everything and still got nothing. Sigh, sigh~

FC Review
Instant Shooter FC - 300AP
Top Prize - One new gun, with rest, comparatively, being garbage for the top prize. 2/10
Medium Prize - All junk charms and such. 0/10
Filler - Not even close to AP:Macca ratio; you're getting like half the ratio, which is much worse than the average filler. 1/10

Overall - 1/10

The General's FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Recycled Vouchers, so nothing too amazing. 5/10
Medium Prize - Avalon, Zero? That's some good stuff for the medium prize. 8/10
Filler - lulz. That's all I have to say. 600AP for an Andras Mask? Have fun. 3/10

Overall - 5/10

Pointy Good Stuff FC - 3000AP
First off: WTF? 3kAP for one try at an FC? Gawd, Aeria is going insane...
They're all Top Prizes, though, so...
Weapons - Other than the new Tonfas, you're actually losing out getting the other weapons. 1/10
Incense - 3kAP = 3 milMacca, whereas 100 incense sells for 10 mil, give or take, so these are bad. 9/10
Consumables - Same thing as the incense. 9/10

Overall - Would be great if you could pick to just get consumables or incense but, alas, it does not work like that. For those fail weapons, this is 4/10. (Seriously, getting them would make me cry.)

Btw: This FC doesn't exist on the the Aeria GMs can control the whole FC?!

<3 my codename. It fits perfectly.


Playing With Fire Is Fun

So, if by some odd turn of events you have not seen this thread, then you must not visit the forums very often. D:

This post will be split into two; read the one you prefer (or both). I personally like #2 better, but meh. To each his own:


Basic Facts:

- The Roping Scarf was originally priced at 1.7kAP and then bumped up to 5kAP. The generally accepted AP:Macca Ratio is 1kAP = 1mil Macca.
- The Novio Ring was previously ONLY a top spender prize that was obtained through the Blessed Voucher, which in itself was worth a fortune.
- The Abyss Gloves, having a 4% boost, were priced at a cheap 800AP, with the only comparable item being Powered Gloves for 3-4mil, with no male counterpart.

Summary of why 5k is not overpriced for the Roping Scarf:

- The 5kAP pricing is already a compromise. If it was geared to completely appease the spenders, it would be priced at the minimum of 8-9kAP, to retain its value in-game.
- A pricing of 5kAP is already a 50%+ price drop of this item, making it much more affordable.
- The scarf is one of the best neck items even now on the J-Server, meaning it will last you quite a while and it is a worthwhile investment
- The Abyss Gloves is a steal for 800AP. The top spenders got killed on the Novio Ring too. The Scarf price was hit pretty hard, too. Why must everything be priced 2-3kAP (in the 2-3mil Macca range) to better benefit ONLY our casual spenders and thus screwing over top spenders?
- All AP items are bound to drop in price, but the Roping Scarf was only recently introduced. If a brand new item plummeted to a quarter (1/4) of its price within two weeks of its first introduction 'cause of an Item Mall addition, then how much confidence would that leave for ANYONE to buy ANY AP item?
- The scarf is not a necessity. Sure, having it will enhance your damage (ergo, the gameplay) but it is not necessary to the game itself. The 4% add is negligible. (I still don't use the Demonic Ward Pants 'cause they're fugly.)
- The fact that, even at 5kAP, it has sold out multiple times shows that a large portion of players think the price is reasonable.
- End of the day: this is a Free To Play game. The only way that companies like this make money is through their Item Mall. As such, the more you spend, the bigger the advantage you have in-game. This will always be the case.

Arguments for the casual spenders:

1. 5kAP is a lot of money; I could buy a real scarf with that.
Then buy a real scarf. No one forcing you to buy this scarf. It is there for the perfectionists that want top notch damage. By now, anyone that is like this is used to paying high premium for the best gear. In the off chance that you just think it looks nice... *refers to high-end brand name clothes* Think of it as that; it's not meant for everyone to have. There were plenty of other items that were priced at 5kAP+, so what is the big deal now?

2. Top spenders are limited in number, so why should we care about them? The casual make up the majority.
Both sides contribute to a portion of the revenues to Aeria and, as such, Aeria needs to look out for both groups. Seen through the other items added, they are cheap effective items with amazing stats for their price. Even the Roping Scarf is a now shell of its former price, at 5k AP. As a company, Aeria has to look out for both groups.

3. If it was 1.7KAP, then much, much more players would buy the Scarf. By setting it at 5kAP, Aeria is just money-hungry and marking up prices.
This actually proves the opposite - at least for this item. It is extremely true that for every 5kAP Scarf sold, they could've sold 3-4 (maybe 5) Scarfs at 1.7kAP. Unlike a REAL clothing selling business, there is ZERO cost of goods incurred each time a new one is sold. By selling more quantity, the profit margin per Scarf is still 100%. You effectively increase your revenue by selling it at 1.7kAP, so then why 5kAP is what you may ask. This is to protect their top spenders. They wanted to protect the in-game economy a bit by cushioning the price drop. They CHOOSE to make less money to protect the price slightly. Logically, Aeria should care GREATLY about the in-game economy to help price their IM items better to not cause tidal waves every time a new IM item is added.

So, that was boring, right? Facts, examples, explanations, logic?

On to Part 2.


By now, we all know that the Roping Scarf was marked up to 5kAP. Now, 25 pages over a couple of days NORMALLY would mean a HUGE, HUGE outcry along the lines of, "OMGZ PRICE IZ REDICULUZ!!!11!!" But pay closer attention to the posts. 90% of the posts in this outcry is from Clan Foxhound. Reading some of their posts made me lose IQ points 'cause of how retarded they were.

Seriously, it's just post after post of, "OMG QQQQQQQ, why is the Roping Scarf 5k now; I want it for 1.7k cuz someone else got it at that price. MEMEMEMEMME; there are other people in this world?!" All these kids care about is what they want and no one else matters.

Then you've got retarded arguments like this, WTF. I mean, seriously. If it's ONLY 4%, then it won't matter if you have it or not. It's like going, "OMG dis Pikachu Pokemon card is OVERPRICED. It's just a piece of paper. I demand joo sell it to me for 10 cents!11!!1!" Why such a big deal other than, "I have nothing better to do so Imma QQ all day long"?

Their version of "we're looking out for everyone" is really "only our guild". Because they didn't get anyone in their guild who got it for 1.7k P, it is OMG WRONG WRONG WRONG. /rage

The fact that you even care about the 4% damage increase from the Scarf shows that you have the strive and determination to better your character. By that, you're probably looking to climb the virtual imaginary ladder of better PVP/PVE capacities, which shows that you're only looking out for yourself, not the equality of items for all - or you would want EVERYTHING cheap so that everyone can get everything. (What's the equality of every gear? Anyone smell communism and not capitalism? /lulz But that's a totally different pages-long blog topic, btw.)

Side note: I have no screenshots ('cause retarded Foxhound comments don't warrant screenshotting), but I'm remembering joining a PVP match a while back. The second the match had started, some retard on Law went, "OMG GUYZZ WE IZ LOZE NOWZ, MA KLAN FOXHOUND IZ PLAYIN IN CHAOS. JOO ALL LOSE NOW CUZ THEY OWNZ!!1!1!oNe!11!" (Btw: Law won horridly that match. *LE GASP* /doesn't even try to act surprised.)