So, anyone else notice how Aeria likes to run two Tier/Raffle/XYZ promos a week now? Sales must be down to have to run so many big promos...

So, I finally got a rare drop and THIS is what I got. Like...seriously. These used to be so rare (I mean, I guess it still is) and I get this card now that it is worthless. I just used up all of my luck on this PoS drop. (._.) FML.
(Aaro Note~ : And now you know the reason for the title.)

So, to continue where Rho's story left off:
(Aaro Disclaimer~ : This is in no way affiliated with Rho's story. She's being lazy. But still. All similarities are coincidences; Aaro is not evil, Pearz is not omniscient, and Rho is not the traditional loveable anime heroine that's slightly dense and too far.)

As Aaro eyed the Kingdom Shard, he suddenly pointed behind Rho and cried in panic, "OMG, LOOK OUT!"

Rho quickly turned around, readying herself for whatever was to come.


Rho turned back to see Aaro running away. She scratched her head, wondering what had just happened, and then suddenly looked down at her hands. The Kingdom Shard had been stolen!

Rho looked in the direction that Aaro had run in, but he was already out of sight. What was she supposed to do? She suddenly heard a loud bang, and she began running in the direction of the sound.

She began seeing bookshelves that were lined with blood, and she knew that this was not a good sign. As Rho turned the corner, she saw a mutilated corpse that somewhat vaguely resembled Aaro.

Was the Kingdom Shard I was holding that important?

"Yes, it is," came a booming voice behind Rho.

Quickly spinning around, to Rho's awe, she found Pearz standing there. She tossed the Kingdom Shard towards Rho, and then turned to walk away.

"Wait, what are you not telling me?" Rho shouted.

"You will find out soon enough," came the answer as Pearz disappeared in the shadows.