Weaver Of Conspiracies

So, as most of you know by now, I am semi-retired from Megaten. (I just log in to do my DFQ every day; I don't know why, but I do it.) I have been spending my time getting owned getting experience playing HON (Heroes of Newerth). For those that don't know: it's basically a better-looking and generally better engine version of DOTA(If you don't know what DOTA is, then you fail. D:) So, if you want to play HON with me, you can look for me under Pearz.

Some funny side news that I've been seeing lately in the newspaper (for those people that don't read newspapers... >.>) At Tuft's University they started a new policy to ban sex in dorm rooms if your roommate is present. Funny thing is: only 12 people total complained, and a population of 8500 got this policy in effect. Pretty funny stuff; what would happen if you wanted to have sex with your roommate? O.O I found this extremely funny. D:

So, a couple of days ago, it was announced that the card incenses will be removed until further notice. Good news is that anyone who bought it will get compensation. I am personally torn about this decision: on one hand, it restores the semblance of balance in PVP...but at what price? This incense could have greatly helped the players level faster and use AP to feign skill while doing dungeon runs. Either way, for the outcry of PVPers to affect the PVE population makes me feel kinda bad.

Also, I don't remember who told me to pick up Valkyria Chronicles once again, but I am sorrowfully disappointed at the ending even though you knew it was coming. It was decent leading up to then, and then you just go bleh.
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Gawd, the main male lead, Welkin, is a total asswipe and I feel bad for Faldio, who did everything and still got nothing. Sigh, sigh~

FC Review
Instant Shooter FC - 300AP
Top Prize - One new gun, with rest, comparatively, being garbage for the top prize. 2/10
Medium Prize - All junk charms and such. 0/10
Filler - Not even close to AP:Macca ratio; you're getting like half the ratio, which is much worse than the average filler. 1/10

Overall - 1/10

The General's FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Recycled Vouchers, so nothing too amazing. 5/10
Medium Prize - Avalon, Zero? That's some good stuff for the medium prize. 8/10
Filler - lulz. That's all I have to say. 600AP for an Andras Mask? Have fun. 3/10

Overall - 5/10

Pointy Good Stuff FC - 3000AP
First off: WTF? 3kAP for one try at an FC? Gawd, Aeria is going insane...
They're all Top Prizes, though, so...
Weapons - Other than the new Tonfas, you're actually losing out getting the other weapons. 1/10
Incense - 3kAP = 3 milMacca, whereas 100 incense sells for 10 mil, give or take, so these are bad. 9/10
Consumables - Same thing as the incense. 9/10

Overall - Would be great if you could pick to just get consumables or incense but, alas, it does not work like that. For those fail weapons, this is 4/10. (Seriously, getting them would make me cry.)

Btw: This FC doesn't exist on the J-Server...so the Aeria GMs can control the whole FC?!

<3 my codename. It fits perfectly.