zzzzzz + ZZZZZZ = zZzZzZzZzZzZ

(Aaro Note~ : You have too much free time on your hands to do that title.)

So, I finally have some time to do a blog post. I've been semi-busy lately. *cough cough* failing HON *cough cough* But here is my small update.

While Rho and I are off HONaging (yes, I just made up that word), the "new" leader of Rain is pretty much Indi (since Rho's GS tag screwed up the Clan Master thing and she can't get access to her Master Powers). Indi made a blog here, where you can go read a more regularly updated blog. I mean, seriously, 5 posts in 5 days. (._.) /contemplates turning blog into a HON blog D:
(Aaro Note~! : We did 5 posts in 1 day when we first started.)

For the next couple of days, we have the Consumable Trade-In Event. Other than that Mobile Inferno and the Wild Jester (for lulz), most of these prizes are pretty bad. Also, the only consumables worth trading in are the Clovers, 3x Cups and Cequencers. The rest are ridiculously overpriced. Like...wtf 150 5x Demon Incense?! Owelz~ I'm trading in for the Mobile Inferno purely for the Rapid cooldown. That lv25 solo Ichi Gold project will one day finish (when I'm not lazy...i.e. never). Slowly but surely, I'll finish skill training that nubby character. D:

So some of you may have seen the post that Jolt made about the No-Dura-Loss in PVP. I would like to point back to a previous blog post (about a month ago) that predicted that the next patch we get will be in December. Let's see how pro my predicting skillz are~

For the FC on Oct 20th (yes, I know I made this post after the new FCs are out): other than the Candle that's out, they all suck. The 2007 Halloween set is crap, and do you really need more consumables?

Lastly, if you want to "fix" Fifi, go flame DiabloCakes. Or, if you want to remain anonymous ('cause you fearz Diablo's wrath?), pm me on the forums or such stuff, and I'll post it here (i.e. do the work for me 'cause I'm lazy).

(PS: Bug Rho for more Saga Chapters, or I might end up butchering finishing it.)

Finished blog in record time: ONLY 20min to write and then one day to procrastinate.