Soez How's Life?

So, it's been a while since I last updated. Here it is:

We got our Nightmare Vouchers and then quickly got our LNC Sets right after it was paid out. *cough cough* Guard Set *cough cough*. They pulled the same trick twice. You know the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

Hope not too many of you got some butt sores from this promo. XD At least you can cover your face in shame (if you're a male) or grab your boob all day (if you're a female), and pretend it's okay now. I got my Law Voucher (thanks, Force); just need to find stones to fuse into it.

Also, if you don't know, Diablocakes broke Fifi. Now to slowly wait for Fifi to stop having so much fun with this and translate it back to English. I can fix Fifi if you help donate to me to buy this:

Guaranteed to fix Fifi with this easy-to-do-it-yourself-problem-fixer-solution:

Now, a short bit about the FC. You got the amazing shotgun for shot mages until candle comes in (like a week or two later), and the LNC FC that is there for you to try on 'cause like hell you're going to ACTUALLY get it from the FC.

I also updated my trade list after like 3 months with all my junk rotting on my mules. You can check that out in the links side bar thingy.

Last note is a call out for any decent animes worth picking up this fall season. I usually only keep up with Chihiro Subs (after EF - Tale Of Memories, which I loved) but seems like there's only one that's worth watching. (Don't recommend any run-on anime, pl0x.)

So, since I always take forever to do a blog post: along the way someone posted this. (I forgot who, so no credit. D:) My question of the day is why is that little girl so happy? D: