Tying Up The Loose Ends

As most of you know, I am semi-retired. I pop in to do my DFQs and, on occasion, jump into a PVP match. Now, I know that I said this first line before too, but meh. After roughly a 9-month run in Megaten (slightly shorter than my stay in DOMO), I think I've finished achieving my goal. We all start the game with different goals in mind. Some may want to socialize, others to explore, and a vast many to kill some time (and possibly have fun).

When I first started Megaten, I had one goal in mind. I chose to be melee because it was the "weakest" class. As such, I was out to prove that a class in itself was not weak; it was the skill of the players that were lacking. You look at the melee class now, and no one would consider it the weakest anymore - not to mention all the people making melee characters now. As such, I believe that I achieved that particular goal I set out for myself.

My other goal was to dominate PVP. Without a long blurb, I believe I did.

So, all in all, when you achieve all your goals, nothing really holds you to the game. (I still have a guild, which is why I still log.)

Today, I decided to actually walk around Channel 1 Babel. Wow, it is really empty now. On a weekend afternoon, there was a total of 2 people at the south terminal and 1 person at the fountain. It is getting kind of eerily desolate in game. Wonder how long Megaten will last...

This is most likely the last FC Review, since I've always hated them, I'm semi-retired, and...I've always hated them.

FC Review:
Magic Blades FC - 300AP
Top Prize - All useless. 1/10
Medium Prize - Re-introduced Charms with consumables not even at the Macca:AP. 0/10
Filler Prize - Nothing mildly decent. 2/10

Overall = 1/10.

Quite Charming FC - 600AP
Top Prize - Some new weapons, mostly not that useful but they do look spiffy. 6/10
Medium Prize - New Light Icon Charm. Other than that, the rest is pretty junk-ish. 3/10
Filler Prize - Horrid quantities of consumables for 600AP. 1/10

Overall = 4/10.

And the final fun note: