Quest to Judge rank

So a couple days ago I finally finished all the gear I need from astral (apart from a couple extra rings to swap around for fun). Currently still missing Epic shirt, pants and shoulders from heroics and I can say my gear is done. (until I can get legendaries)

So this week decided to try my hand at Judge Rank:

Day 1:
Pretty solid CG farming. I'm competing with Ejac and Seer who are also going for judge this week. More people means less kills for me. Also main enemy is Flux from Emp side that is going for Judge (which can stomp me D:) He handed me my first death roughly 5 hours after CG reset when I got baited out by 1 of their guild warriors. All in all, I end day 1 with 6.8k CG.

Day 2:
SLOWWWWW day. Super slow, it is like every emp is in hiding. I patrolled all the maps and found 2 emps in a 2 hour span of time. This would be so much easier if I was Emp. No matter what time, or what Map I go to, Leagues always seem to outnumber emp 3:1. Where is Flux to own them all so much they don't come back? Though I saw Flux was already at 17k CG, so he should be outta my hair soon. Funniest was after an hour of bored running around map, I saw Health in DR looking afk near June stone, So I decided to rush him......... He wasn't afk XD.

Only Other Perk of the day was I started using real banners in Coldberg and a total of 2 emps finished both reps in 4 hours I camped it. Is it really that bad I use bugged banners? At least I move around and people get their reps done slowly. With me anchored on 1 map, no one finishes that rep until they stop giving me CG. Simply dump 1 guildy at portal in and I know every player that warps in and where their going. Not hard to kill them before they can even start their rep.

Near the end I instigated a larger fight when Doom brought their guild to kill my banner. I lost my banner, but I gained much more CG from so many people showing up compared to the 1 emp every 30 mins or so. Rewind showed up, tried to help but left after realizing how useless Doom guild was. Fight broke up when Somone called the CoolstoryBro guild and we out numbered them.

End tally of CG day 2: 11.8k CG

Day 3: I miss all of it due to Real life stuff, no farming today, Emps get a break.