And Anime season ends and new patch stuff

So both Durara and Angel beat final eps ended today (well subbed versions came out, it ended yestarday).

Gotta say Durara was a let down, started off strong(8.5/10) and died off near end. - 7.5/10

Angel beat I loved from start to finish, very solid anime. Only spoiler-ish is, you finally understand the title. 9/10

Very rare I give 9+ scores D:

So only other thing is started playing Blue dragon awakening on DS. Seems decent so far but I'm not far in. Also picking up Arakawa under the bridge(anime) under Aaro's recommendation. See how that goes.

So initially I was fine with the changes with cursed items, Incense and mounts . What gets me is the changes to runes. Why make them more effective and much more costly to put in. Thats like asking to make them more "needed". Ontop of that, the expiration dates on Cashop is wtf. Doesn't let people hold ontop items like waters until they need it. So if it drops, your forced to use it right away rather when you need it. Find the rune changes blatant convert to more Cashop Dependant. See how the costs and everything play out again.....

Though I am inclined to believe 90% of the players in Allod forums believe GP is run off of rainbows and smiles. When you asked 100 people in game, and 1 person says they cashoped, that can't look good for GP's balance sheets. End of the day they do need to make some money off this game, having 4(I think) GMs employed 24/7 is a cost of at least 280 dollars a day not to mention overhead, licensing fees ETC. When no one is paying real money how is this game still alive? Those smiling faces of free gamers sure can sell well I guess.

The thought of even spending 10 dollars seems insane to everyone on the forums, sigh sigh.

Final note: Go Japan, South Korea and Germany :)