Some more chat log fun

So this one is much shorter and much more fun. Some context, we were at Asa-teph we pushed the emps back to the rez pad, and as such camped it for 10-15 mins. When Kine ported out, I said BP is probably not gonna show up with more, lets leave and thus it begins :O

(5:44:38)[Ravenith] manax out of camp
(5:44:42)[Ejac] aaahh manx
(5:45:7)[Ejac] 2 lazy to walk xD
(5:45:10)[Manaxs] What ?
(5:45:24)[Ravenith] we said we're leavin their camp like 5 times lol its pointless
(5:45:29)[Ejac] u died :O
(5:45:37)[Ravenith] pally with no aura? O.O
(5:45:46)[Manaxs] ?
(5:45:53)[Manaxs] no aura ?
(5:46:2)[Noggin] lol
(5:46:32)[Manaxs] if you take a look at your DPS meter
(5:46:40)[Manaxs] i out DPS anyone of u
(5:46:59)[Ejac] u should xd
(5:46:59)[Noggin] thanks for letting me run with the big boys :) was fun ..time for nitenite , laters folks
(5:47:3)[Ejac] ur a dps party
(5:47:7)[Ejac] night noggin
(5:47:15)[Ecliqtic] Night Nogg
(5:47:36)[Ravenith] why are u tryin to solo em
(5:48:17)[Manaxs] cause i can
(5:48:47)[Ejac] dead aqua
(5:49:8)[Ravenith] E foresight
(5:50:17)[Ravenith] thats not brave manax thats just not smart to atk them there where they can camp from immortality
(5:50:31)[Ravenith] specially summys who can do constant dmg in seconds then just sit on camp
(5:50:33) [-][Pearz] whatever
(5:50:36) [-][Pearz] just leave area
(5:50:40) [-][Pearz] if manax can solo
(5:50:43) [-][Pearz] let him
(5:50:47) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:50:50) [-][Pearz] thats the way i see it
(5:50:50)[Manaxs] i can 1 shot aqua in to second life
(5:50:55) [-][Pearz] go ahead
(5:51:0) [-][Pearz] let him go be a hero
(5:51:3) [-][Ejac] haha
(5:51:9) [-][Ejac] i jus like killin awau
(5:51:20)[Ejac] its after that tho. the only problem with camp
(5:51:21) [-][Pearz] doot dooot
(5:51:21)[Ravenith] issue is he then jumps back onto pad while u still have all ur dots
(5:51:26)[Ejac] is the rez pad
(5:51:29)[Ejac] where u cant hit em
(5:51:33)[Ejac] if they come off
(5:51:38)[Ejac] then its a dif sotry
(5:52:4)[Ravenith] run to cliff...
(5:52:23)[Manaxs] baah he popped perf
(5:52:34)[Ravenith] thats ur 1 save XD
*Manaxs was about to die and Raven went back to heal him*
(5:52:39)[Manaxs] ?
(5:52:54)[Ravenith] we're tryin to lure em out =p lot more fun when they dont camp respawn
(5:52:59)[Manaxs] he is in second life... he ran to the platform
(5:53:54) [-][Ravenith] 3 mins on incense anyway gonna go do my quest now
(5:54:3) [-][Pearz] pop
*This point Manaxs died near emp rez pad cause we let him solo*
(5:54:6) [-][Pearz] kk
(5:54:7) [-][Muxy] ohhh
(5:54:8) [-][Ravenith] why did i get 13 cg when manax died
(5:54:13) [-][Pearz] cuz
(5:54:15) [-][Pearz] you healed him
(5:54:16) [-][Ejac] i got 30 that time
(5:54:19) [-][Pearz] the flagging is buggy
(5:54:25) [-][Pearz] point is
(5:54:29) [-][Pearz] teammates give CG
(5:54:30) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:54:32) [-][Ravenith] so if i heal someone that dies i get cg when they die lol
(5:54:33)[Manaxs] no point being in this group if u guys dont help
*Manaxs left team after this, rest of chat with no [-] is in zone chat*
(5:54:40) [-][Ravenith] freakin nub XD
(5:54:44) [-][Ejac] haha
(5:54:46) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:54:47) [-][Pearz] so now
(5:54:48) [Manaxs] newbs
(5:54:49) [-][Pearz] he wants help?
(5:54:55) [-][Ravenith] its fail sauce to atk them on spawn
(5:54:55) [Pearz] you said you could solo him tho?
(5:54:56) [Ejac] we cant attack from rez pad
(5:55:1) [Ejac] and our inc ran out
(5:55:20) [Ejac] lolz
(5:55:22) [Pearz] you said you could solo all of them D: im not that pro
(5:55:36) [Ejac] also cant attack them wile they r on rez pad :O
(5:55:48) [-][Pearz] lulz
(5:55:52) [-][Pearz] you have to be the good guy
(5:55:54) [-][Pearz] XD
(5:56:3) [-][Pearz] no fun
(5:56:7) [-][Ejac] xd i like keeping good relations with emince
(5:56:10) [-][Pearz] gotta rub it in XD
(5:56:12) [-][Ravenith] i told him thats his only save that we're tryin to lure them out he didnt listen
(5:56:13) [-][Pearz] pshh
(5:56:29) [-][Ejac] lol u got a bugged banner 2
(5:57:1) [-][Ejac] o rofl
(5:57:13) [-][Muxy] lol
(5:57:19) [-][Ejac] hes egos thats outta control
*this point we were standing on Rez pad chatting with Manaxs still out of team*
(5:57:26) [Manaxs] he is infront of our camp newbs
(5:57:35) [Manaxs] thats a nice Res pad
(5:57:37) [Ejac] well he wasnt before
(5:57:44) [Ejac] were u died xd
(5:57:47) [-][Ravenith] exclamation mark :3
(5:57:52) [Pearz] and you chose to leave team
(5:57:59) [Pearz] we couldnt tell you were fighting outside our town
(5:58:9) [Manaxs] cause u guys are super Passice
(5:58:11) [Manaxs] passive
*We ran out from pad and killed Aquatoid, but Manaxs was to low and poped anyways*
(5:59:32) [Manaxs] have fun guys... lol
(5:59:43) [Manaxs] imm out of here super newbs

So end of day, Ego chat is sure funny.