Judge rank!!!

So day 4 is split in 2. First part was right after reset Where I fit in a bit of farming. I went from 11.8k CG to 14k-ish CG. Right before sleeping, we found singularity running Charge through mine quests. We killed them and Massacre brought a couple players and we fought for 30 mins 4 (us) Vs 3.5 (the .5 was a crappy level 40 psi that tried to help). We ended up stopping when perfume ran out and no more CG gain and called it a night.

Woke up and continued to grief Coldberg. Was just pure farm until roughly an hour before reset. We caught again a group of Massacres trying to run a nub through the mines quests. This time, they responded in huge force. We only had 5 of us (and Seer that only joined for a bit). We started winning but as more and more poured in, we were losing but always kill 1 before dieing. So we at least broke even K:D which was good for our CG. By the end I counted at least 4 warriors, 2 scouts, 2 healers, 1 summoner, and 1 psi all their to kill us. Was alot of fun and got alot of CG outta it, so win - win. At this point I hit 17.1k CG.

After reset, was all business back to farming. Had a couple bad fights, couldn't beat a cleric + scout from BP with me + Tri, that made us really sad. After that, only other fun moment was Playstation kept rushing me. I took all the CG off him and let him chase me doing no damage and Psyrona that walked out beside me to get CG off him.

All leading up to my final kill:

Really like to thank Rozetri and Muxy for endless farming banners for me and Ejac. Really couldn't have done it without them. I used all real banners from 10k CG forward so really helped with the farming.

Just waiting on Ejac to reach Judge too, Gambatte!!!