Random updatez

So nothing big in world of Allods. Rho still off in China with most leadershipness falling on me, btw I hate leading, hence why the guild will never grow to any substantial numbers. We astral PVPed for first time. It was fun other then the fact that blind instantly makes you fall through the ship........ I hope that gets fixed.

Only news is apparently only 1 other person (other then me) watch any of the world cup. I mean I usually don't watch any sports but world cup is the exception. Currently 3 teams I hope to win the most in order: Japan, South Korea then Germany. Ironic that the odds of teams winning are in reverse order.

On a more gaming related note, looked at the E3 highlights to only learn that the 3DS is coming. Old news apparently and was announced a couple months ago. Very interesting system That I would want. See how it goes closer to the release date since chances are they won't want to miss the Christmas rush so it will come out before that. Though seeing the games on PSP kinda makes me want to get one too........... FF14 is said to come out in 2010 so if anything, with alpha testing already underway we should expect it soon.