NDS post

First non-NDS based thing, decided to start playing Allods again. The new PVP patching coming will be nice.

Second non-NDS thing, HON 2.0 is botched so bad. Making a the patch centered around Matchmaking but not have match making out is fail. Pretty unplayable now without matchmaking.

So firstly I finally beat the 3rd Golden Sun for the DS. I gotta say this is probably the worse Golden Sun. This was a joke of a game compared to the other Golden Suns or even most the other games in general. Let me list out the problems:

1. Easy, can pretty much be beaten blindfolded. The puzzles are made simple, and bosses need zero planning. Just Leroy in.

2. The storyline is paper thin. Nothing gripping at all for story maybe cause their "quest" is just stupid. Their is zero sense of urgency till near the end, and even then *semi spoiler* it is your fault. Coulda been easily avoided if your characters weren't retarded. Seen 5 year olds write better stories then this.

3. Which brings to next point, I hate every character in your team. Their is a total of 1.5 characters that are decent. I can't even stand the rest at all. Paper thin personality, most I think are retarded.

Pretty much the only thing decent about Golden Sun was the Dijinn system which I do love which is only thing they got going for them. Should be ashamed to be called Golden Sun game. 5/10

So I wanted to make this post a while ago delving more into 999 since it was such a good game.

Did like all the small details they put into the game. Though it takes a bit of thinking but the whole game flows fine even with the time paradox. With a firm understanding of how the paradox exists and works, can understand that they don't have holes. The whole June getting a fever every time you were off course meaning she was gonna die to the incinerator was an amazing touch. So was the whole everything on bottom screen was what June saw. Loved how it played into needing to flip the NDS at the end of true ending.

The less spoiler-ific stuff was interesting too. They take about some of the paradoxes like Locke's Sock. It was a very nice blend of Pseudo science and some real things. Really made me think about some of these things. It's rare to find them actually blend theory well into games. Most of them botch it up badly with their half baked science filled with holes. I am just very impressed how well done things are in this game are even down to the minor details.

It also helps to have a crazy Yandere ending too XD Play this even if you don't have NDS. Google: Desmume (NDS emulator for computer)
Actual ROM: [NDS] 5356 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (USA)(RobotKillers)

Last un related note: Rift betas suck. Just cause I was in first beta doesn't garuntee I will be in next ones. Don't get to keep play T_T