"The story of Katanagatari on this month and this evening ends here."

So I picked up this series when it first aired a year ago mentioned here and it finally finished. Gotta say it started off really strong, got a bit weak near the end and ended and a really strong note too.
The different art style, nicely paced story and decent comedy meshed well together. I loved how in the end, all the small things came together nicely. 1 of the amazing things is the nicely developed charaters. I did like pretty much every character in the series. Highly recommend this one 8.5/10, almost as good as Angel Beats. Makes me think I should just follow Mazui Subs, they sub pretty much everything I like watching.

Major Spoiler:
Kinda sad all my favourite characters died, Togame and Nanami (the sister). I do like how Shichika in the end showed how he was the perfect blade and the only reason he had trouble was because of the rules set out by Togame. Also him ending up with the princess made me kinda sad. Togame got replaced by a 180 personality changed princess which was all perky. Only real regret is they never showed the battle against him and Hakuhei Sabi. Guess the thing is all the characters were well done really made this anime good.

I liked Bakimonogatari and now Katanagatari, I presume the next one coming (Kizumonogatari) the prequel to Bakimonogatari will be amazing too. Looking forward to it.

Togame ^_^

Side note: Mirai Nikki Ova ( if it can really be called an OVA) came out. Disappointed since its more like a commercial then anything. Wouldn't make any sense to anyone that hasn't read the series. I would watch it if it came out as a series though.