Been a while since I posted so often

The day of reckoning is upon me!!!!

So today (since past midnight) marks a torn choice.

HON 2.0- The matchmaking was tested yestarday and proved almost bug free, expected to be full implemented today.

Allods - The new full PVP anticipated update has arrive. Should be playable later 2day too.

Rifts- Apparently I got selected again to participate in the next CB that starts today.

Probably choose Allods, since Rho can get a chance to try out Rift on my account and HON didn't really have much change. Can save that for later.

Realized alot of more anime-ish blogs do a 12 days of anime christmas where they recount amazing anime moments of the year. Problem is it would be a post a day and I don't think I can keep up a post a day and would have to pre-write most of it before hand. Maybe I can do it next year if I remember. For now this moment is absolutely hilarious. I knew High School of the Dead was insane fanservice but bullet time boobs that move as fast as bullets? That's new:

So side note is I started writing a short story for Allods Guild event. Chance to create yet another ego induced random wad of garbage for people to read. Fun ^_^ Probably post it up here when I am done, Though at this rate, it isn't gonna be a very short story.

End note: Turns out the leaked Blizzard schedule is confirmed to be real. Guess we will be seeing a next-gen MMO coming from Blizzard in the future, sounds interesting.