Musings on my Android Phone 01

So I decided I like being able to do more random posts and might make posts about my phone more regularly, maybe once a week. As I feel my phone is seen by more and more people, my need to have the sleekest looking phone to show off is getting the best of me. The burning desire to buy the next new phone every time a new one comes out. Oh marketing, you have gotten the best of me!

So I have finally changed my wallpaper to a more powerlevel concealing version. For those that don't know, I loaded ICS/Cyanogen 9 for my Nexus S. The biggest problem so far is the battery seems to drain faster (20-30%). Not a big deal with so many other improvements that I love. I still highly recommend ICS over the 2.3 gingerbread if your phone has ICS or Cyanogen supported.

In other news, this is probably the only "game" I play on my phone is Yome Collection, or as I call it, the Waifu game. You can find the information for app here, You can download it directly from them since it is free or I uploaded it to Mediafire here. Basically, a list of anime characters you can play with to score affection points. Slowly trying to catch up to the other people with a head start, I am assuming the ranking I am showing is the list for top points for the week for the specific characters. I am no where close to as high in overall ranking. Though the 2nd tea sipping character, I am ranked 40th overall right now! Too bad Rank 1 has over 3 times my points...

Other big news today, Chrome is finally making it's debut on Android phones. This has been long awaited and seems to meld seamlessly to your desktop chrome. Great interaction between the two clients. The stock browser was always faster then using Opera Mobile, but Opera provided more tools. From the short time I have used Chrome, it seems to incorporate both well. They did a good job with the interface, I am very pleased with this new app. The only issue is you have to have ICS, luckily I solved that problem last week!

Other then that, I`ll leave a list of apps I am currently using that are pretty useful as my first official post about my phone. I won't link them, just Google it or find it on the marketplace since they are all free.

Go Launcher - Use it to replace the general "look" of your icons and app draw. Just looks different the stock themes. Their are many of these out there, I hear ADW Launcher is popular too.

Simi Clock - That is the clock + weather you see on my main screen

LookOut - Just an app scanner for malicious software. I have been downloading a bit more rogue stuff on my phone and would like to see if their are any viruses.

Adfree/Adaway - Use it to block ads on those free software (Needs a rooted phone)

Mango - Use it to browse manga on phone reader. It does a pretty good job.

Mx Player - I like to watch an episode of anime while i am on the subway. It seems to be able to decode almost anything, though my phone isn't powerful enough to handle 720p 10bit. It struggles with 1080p decoding in general. More a limitation on hardware.

My Homura Shooter and Madoka App I have mentioned before. There is also a app for Mami, I'll upload that next time.

That outlines the core apps I like to use not including the Google stuff that comes included. Until next week! I still haven't figured out a good name for this series of posts. I have all the stuff downloaded so I can reupload them if anyone finds broken links.