Madoka Android App and other random stuff

So some random stuff to post up cause I can! I'll do Symphogear post later D: So random post work instead doing grunt work!

Yesterday found this awesome app for Android phones. You can find download here. It is pretty well done,  and very smooth. If only their was a Homura version. Here is my uploaded version of it, kinda laggy and the sound is a bit off, I need a better video capture program. Also link to other post with Homura shooter for android. 

Other fun news lately is to watch Tortanic sinking. It might slightly exaggerated compared to some of the people that just want it to burn, but it is clear they are on a very bad road. The black out on all information on how much they spent is really sketchy. Currently on released from EA, they say they need 1.5 mil  boxes sold and 1 mil subscribers for one year to break even. That comes out to about 200 mil cost but that is probably an under estimate.

Or you can go here and see the flip side of the argument (at least the most legit one). It is funny because the post was made a year ago and most thing claimed is exactly what happened with SWTOR. Funny how all the comments didn't think it was possible for Bioware to fail. He claimed it cost around 300 mil one year ago.

Adding on that one extra year and it would be higher. Take maybe the middle ground of the two and you are  still looking at 250 mil production cost as a final cost. The production cost is just way too high to recover after such a bad start. Looking back at FF14, they at least tried to make the fanbase happy where EA is just banning everything left and right. Seeing how they are banning everyone makes me want to see EA fall hard.

Megauploads dying was pretty bad for me. Lately they have been best DDL with no captcha and no wait timer. The no captcha is a big deal as my phone has trouble loading captchas. Harder to keep up my anime watching as I am in the subway.

Other big news is obvious Katawa Shoujo background you can see on my phone in the video. I have only played the Lily's route, but I am having trouble starting any other route now. It feels wrong to pick another girl when she is right their, what about all the times we shared!?!?!?

I am still back logged 4 final review post from last season. I been having trouble starting them and as time goes on, this only gets harder. Hopefully I can at least finish the Penguindrum one that matters the most.

So that will be it for random stuff for now. I still need to watch Symphogear episode!