Ice Cream Sandwich on my Nexus S

So with a bit of fiddling around, I finally decided to work on upgrading my phones look. I ungraded my rom from Cyanogen 7.0 to the new 9.0 that uses the ice cream sandwich as core. Not much has been changed from the stock ICS version being released so quickly but that is no problem.

From first impressions, they now have built in VPS, data usage information, battery information, and a browser that can actually let me pick to see desktop versions of websites. The new Gmail has gotten huge upgrades too, much easier to use which is a big deal being my most used app. I can't tell performance yet, but boot speeds are about the same but the interface itself is much more sleek. I need a new wallpaper though, that one feels outdated.

My favourite update so far is being able to customize how many background apps are running.

Best news is that I don't need to buy the Galaxy Nexus (and save$600) to get this OS, though I did want to dual core processor to help me decode all those 10bit encodes that this phone has trouble with.

Things are looking good though!

Link to instructions for installing Cyangen 9.0 with ICS. Follow the instructions their closely for anyone that has not installed custom ROMs on their phone before. This voids your warranty not like that means much.
The download for ICS only exists but it is a pain in the ass. You have to re-root your phone after installing not to mention it has high chance of bricking your phone.

Random side notes with my random post: Nisemonogatari eps was WTF fanservice while Space Pirates is still as boring as ever.

Edit: Holy shit, this new OS is insanely efficient in standby mode. 9 hours I lost 3% batter on standby.

Edit 2: Holy crap battery is burned out fast on real use: (the 2 reds is me in the subway for mobile network) I ussually have 50-60% batter at the end of the day, I am sitting at 30% now.