Guilty Crown 16 - Hail Shu!

OH SHIT! This episode had me getting goosebumps with how it started! They really amping this whole show up with Shu's change of heart. This is has turn from super funny to super serious; What they were actually going for from the beginning. It is astonishing I am finally looking forward to this anime because of the plot; Anti-heroes really do make things great.

What a short lived character, introduced and killed off in the same episode. Heck, she only had like 2-3 lines. What were they thinking? Being a plot device is suffering max. Her existence was purely to show Shu that Yahiro is indeed the one pulling the strings behind everything. What a painful life, she joined for the opportunity at a better life and dies instantly.

One thing that made this episode really good was the angles and direction. They really captured the moments well of Shu's new side. I think that was what really brought out his new personality. What I don't get is how he suddenly became competent? Just because you want to be king, doesn't mean you understand all the things needed to do this effectively. He has displayed time and time again, he just doesn't understand these core concepts. To suddenly see the big picture felt a bit forced. Anyone that understands it, wouldn't have struggled so much in the past. A character upgrade that went too far, he should still be incompetent even if he became a tyrant.

It was interesting to see that false news was spread by Yahiro. Since his introduction, he has done nothing but manipulate everyone else. Why does Shu keep him that close? I mean, Shu even killed his brother that he lived for, there has bound to be a grudge being held in. I am pretty sure Yahiro will die or be cast out as the enemy before the end of this anime. He is setting himself up nicely as the real villain. It must be nice being a puppet ruler though.

With this scene, Shu has fully replaced Gai's role. They even had that same scene a few episode ago with Gai leaning on Inori for emotional support; The same thing is happening with Shu. Being an anti-hero really gets attention of any viewer, though this scene did seem a bit forced. I know after the starting scenes, it was pretty clear Shu was acting like a pure tyrant, but they had to throw this in to redeem him. I still feel he is acting way to competent and understanding of the bigger picture when he couldn't understand anything before. Oh ya, Inori sure was compliant this episode, must have been the rape last episode to keep her in check. That evil grin she had at the end of the episode was just amazing.

Gai coming back was no surprise. Until we see the body burned to nothing or crystallized and popped,  never assume a character is dead. That is one lesson I learned from anime, I wonder how he will impact things? The real question is what is Shu's mother and those other guys planning for Shu. They clearly are trying to push him in a direction, the suspense is really well done. Btw, that new suit Haruka is wearing is just absolutely awesome.

Argo being absolutely awesome this episode. He proved the voids don't matter if you are a superior fighter. Following the episode in Argo's eye was just prefect. You were able to see his reaction to the huge change in Shu just as the audience was getting the same reaction. I still accredit much of how great this episode was to the direction. They just had the frames pan perfectly to Shu's new side, definitely the best episode this season. I am finally looking forward to Guilty Crown for what it has been trying to offer all season long; Until next week!