Aquarion EVOL Ep 5 This is Where it Begins

The doughnut metaphor was overkill
Alright so in general everything up until this point has been the introduction to Aquarion EVOL. This episode was the lead up to what EVOL is going to be like for the rest of the season.

One thing that I loved was how they balanced out serious moments with side romance humor. The head honchos of the academy arrive, all while serving as the info dump characters who explain some important information to us. We finally get some background history as to why Love is forbidden, and its connection to Aquarias, with a surprising revealing of Donar Dantes's past (the dude with the robot limbs).

A good portion of the show depicted some funny moments where the males and females must basically go on a threesome of a date, including the popular and rival grouping of Cayenne and Shrade. There was some fun moments to be had when Sazanka (a nobody) is grouped with these rivals, as Shrade makes every possible situation awkwardly gay, resulting in Sazanka exploding with too much emotion.

It was so obvious that Zessica, would come between Mikono and Amata to spark some jealousy between the love birds. I kinda feel bad for Zessica (I still think its suppose to be Jessica but w/e) as she is clearly destined to get nobody and remain the slutty outfit girl with the only outgoing personality. I think she'll somehow end up with Aika in the end, as I see both of them get rejected by their love interests, being Amata for Zessica, and some random hot girl for Aika.

Best pick-up line ever
Aside from the threesome date, we get some insight to this "awakened" person who looks very feminine, and is probably the main villain with some ties to Aquarias going berserk. Also we learn how mentally messed up the main "evil" characters are, with the emo green haired guy and the lone wolf red haired guy who has a fetish for people who "stink" of love.

Next episode is going to be another battle episode, and while I  haven't been all that interested in the battles themselves, the characters have a steady progression without over the top or overdone moments which could have ruined this episode with redundant romance. It didn't btw.