Random Stuff

So, here's my weekly random update. It was double EXP this week in Allods, so I decided to level my Pally, Thaze, to lv30. I spread out the levels between my two twinks so there'd be more diversity in duelling. The main reason was that I wanted to try out the Sacred Sunrise Build. The build is decent, with insane heals, but the only problem is that with warriors, it's a solid loss. Stony Resistance is pretty much an instant win against this SS build. Owelz, it's still a fun build to run.

I've been playing more HON lately. I decided to include my referral code so that if anyone else wants to buy the game, I get 500 free coins. As of now, my stats are decent; it's too bad I got stomped hard today. There were around four wins out of a total fifteen matches. That's pretty gruesome stuff. These team games require competent teammates. I'm still not at that pro level where I can do everything myself. I wish I was that good... D:

Side note: I'm dropping Fractale after two episodes; it just didn't feel gripping. Maybe if it gets good reviews, I'll consider re-picking it up. I haven't even been able to start episode 3 of Madoka; something about it just makes me go bleh.