Infinite Harem 4 and Merry 4

Infinite Stratos

This episode pissed me off a lot. It went from semi-battle, semi-harem with a kind of retarded main character to fake battle, semi-harem and still a retarded main character.

Why do all the girls turn to trash after one episode? This scene pissed me off to no extent. She turned on her annoying mode and the main character was just as annoying. I'm seriously questioning why I watch this anime after this; it is turning to trash and turning fast. lolz

I believe this the ending sequence changes to add each girl, and it is the rating of the girls in his heart. So, Fan is winning at the moment. Well, I guess she's the best of the three to pick from. I hate them all at this point.

Sigh, sigh. That can be taken so wrongfully.  D:

At least the girls clearly know that they are in competition for his harem. They're more open about it, instead of entirely pretending that they don't like him, leading him to get a half-baked harem. That aspect, at least, is decent.

Well, we get a reverse trap next episode. Hopefully, that turns out good.


Yumekui Merry
So, an episode heavily focused on the senpai from their club. Nothing big happened this episode, other than the chance to learn a bit more about her back story. There were no super big plot developments.

At least Isane makes more of an appearance in this episode. I guess my biggest thing is that the anime seems boring. The fights end instantly, and the plot advances pretty slow.

I guess this shows the lack of a clearcut goal. Their quest altogether seems very vague and more like just what they happen to be doing. The humour isn't even that amazing. I guess I am mainly comparing this to Monday's anime, like Dragon Crisis and Zombie Desu Ka, both of which do it better IMO. Merry just doesn't feel gripping.

Well, we can clearly see Merry being tsundere this episode. She finally accepts the invitation for help, pretending she doesn't really care. I really hope this picks up, or I might drop this and Infinite Stratos soon. Monday's anime is just better...