Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka 3 and Dragon Crisis 3

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka
There was a huge amount of fanservice this episode. It had an interesting development near the end, but I don't want to ruin the jokes and moments much, so I won't delve into it.

I kind of feel bad for the best friend. It feels like Clannad, where the friend is there just to contrast the main character's popularity with girls and also to provide some comic relief. He's even got the decent pickup lines and a good friend. Tsk-tsk. Sucks to be him.

I think this is a bit premature, but I think this is by far going to be best anime this season (and maybe for entire year). I haven't watched something this good since Angel Beats, which was almost a full year ago. That's highly recommended by me, by the way.


Dragon Crisis
We got a glimpse of what being a Breaker means. I think it means they can break the seal on a lost precious item so that it is usable. Otherwise, those items are useless...or so I assume. I'm still wondering how these wings are sprouting out without breaking their clothes.

Anyone else wonder why they didn't loot the other lost precious in the room after breaking the other storage things? Or the fact that none of the other items were even broken when he shredded half the room? It sure could have helped if they'd bring in more artefacts to fight with rather than just one. I mean, that room was supposed to be nothing but the best lost precious. I also wonder why this group of special forces was worried that Ryuji would slow them down; they were clearly the useless ones. I bet they are the same people in my HON matches, not realizing they are the ones sucking and blaming others.

This was a very plot-based episode; as last one was gearing up for it, no surprise there. It's been a while since I could stand watching a more plot-based anime; I generally get bored if it doesn't move at a good pace. Since I seem decently interested in this one, that means it's got to be at least half-baked, I guess. I'm having trouble watching Fractale and Madoka (which I decided to keep watching 'cause it seems super popular for some reason) without lots of pauses because of this. I guess this plot just clicked for me. I can't say much more about this episode without ruining it, so...go, Red-Eyes Black Dragon!!