Start of allod-ness and first real post in a while

So first real post will be long-ish. Rho and Aaro are away in China for the duration of summer. So Aaro will not be able to edit my posts (muahahahaha) due to internet censorship. Included in that list is Youtube and Blogspot.

Megaten note: I'll post winner in a couple days or so with the finishing the story. BTW none of you are even close, so chances are I'll pick the story i like the most.

So now that we got more random Allod lurkers that seem to come here, and me not playing Megaten anymore, I will start making Allod based posts.


Allod General:
The latest patch introduced alot of bugs, but yesterday the fixed the biggest one the memory leak. Still some issues, but nothing to major. People can start afking in game again without crashing every hour or so though the new patch seems to be making people leave in droves. C'est la vie. Hopefully with crashes gone and Rho getting settled in, in China, we can start up astraling daily again.

So on to some Allods dramaz:
So Lately we have been having guild dramaz. You can blame me for this, but this is how it started. We (= me, since Rho doesn't handle this stuff. I'll explain in next paragraph) decided to start letting people join the guild WITHOUT the application screening. Purely through a referal from a "friend" in guild.

Now since most people don't know, the first person to be recruited into guild was somone Rho approved on forums that I disagreed on, but it only has to catch 1 of our eyes to pass. So I added her promptly (don't rember if it was a day or 2). Now comes to fun fun fun guild timez. So to start of she was under level 10 I beleive, but no matter we don't judge on levels. First thing she did (like almost EVERY player taht joined) has asked about a guild forums or such. They would get answered to come here as closiest thing to a "guild page". See now she took it upon herself to tell us that we needed one and that she would (very literally) change the title of her guildspot page to be Rain and we could use that one. When prompted to ask what advantages it was to using that instead of my crappy blog, their was no response and she obviously felt very offended that we wouldn't use it.

Then during this time she asked for some help, which we obviously agreed upon before knowing what it was. What she wanted was for us to all make level 6 alts, so we could farm her treasure chests so she could be "perfectly" geared at level 6-9 arc. Now it takes 2 days max to hit level 10 to get rep gear, 1 for more "hardcore" players ( I personally hit lvl 12 on my main, and lvl 11 on my alt in 1 day). When Rho said instead even MADE a compromise to give her gold to buy whatever gear she wanted from Auction house to get that good gear to reach level 10 but was refused insisting we do it her way.

So long story short, she was the first and shortiest player to stay in Rain.


Now onto more recent matters. Lately we been recruit many more players on the whole "friend" request thing and as such I don't get a chance to "Filter" the applicants that would probably leave anyways.
So when you hit 40 your left with a couple choices:
2)raid (heroic/astral)

As "fresh" level 40s, they obviously don't stand much chance to "veteran" level 40s with much better gear so like everyone else, they are forced to raid for better gear.

Fact 1:
Now what these newer players do not know is, our "main" team didn't form to close to 3 weeks after hitting 40. For the first 3 weeks what we would do is sucide rush the boss, and spam respawns to kill the first boss to mediorly gear up on the first.
Fact 2:
Every single member of our team has respeced to EVEN BE ABLE to do these raids. We all sacrficed somthing so we could do these better.

Now these fresh 40s expect to waltz in and just be ABLE to clear the whole heroic like its nothing. They seem to expect things to be handed to them demanding we let them leach gear without even a hint of TRYING to make a team work. They do not talking about going pure tank specs, or even shouting to try and FORM a team together. They then blame the "main" team for not helping them.

Thus they feel like they "don't matter" and feel the need to leave. When no effort is put in to begin with, don't expect any help. Handing out freebies will never tide over cause when were done, the ones leaching will still be short gear except now they don't know WTF their doing (remeber sponsors in MT that reach high end levels not even knowing anything?)

I mean another story was roughly a week ago with the raid boss Bantaz (yazas on the boat). He drops really nice chest piece (that I'm currently still using). So 1 player spots him, and so the other fresh 40s decide to fight him. had a nice spread for the team almost the complete players needed to start the 2nd heroic team. Rozetri (Kaitri from MT), even volunteered to come help them out to garuntee the boss is downed. At this time I was out in astral with another ship since Rho was MIA. Now an hour later I get back from astral and they STILL haven't downed the boss, which I find so curious as they had a good 5 lvl 40s and it should been a piece of cake.

This is when Tri tells me how pissed off he was. He was their purely to help (he doesn't need anything that drops) yet he was sitting there Perfumed to help fight boss, while the rest of the team that needed the drop would sit their with FOD on waiting for the boss to be spoon fed to them. They would rather sit there and wait for me then to change their build or try and work out how to beat that boss. I ended up killing that boss for them but wow...... talk about not helping themselves ( I camped that boss 10 hours a day for 4 days to get my suit, how much dedication did they have <.<)

Some of the players that left were decent and did work, other didn't even make an effort. Just want the players to try first and then come back sking for help rather then screaming for help first and have everything handed to them. We are not that kind of guild, and if you expect that, your in for a big disappointment. Very hard to give somone a chance at being in the main team when they themselves haven't even tried to fit the role.

Morale of the story:
Don't skip the application process, and you can't help someone that isn't trying to help themselves.

/end Pearz rant

PS. Gender bender Durarara pic