O NOEZ!?!?!?

So Mondays = Big bang theory + How I met your mother airs, so as always I go over to Pirate bay to download the latest Eps and the SITE IS DOWN :O

So I google a bit and see this. Hope they don't poof for real D:

On side note, I picked up Infinite Space (NDS). Almost finished game, has amazing storyline so far, good customization, and good gameplay. It even takes time to talk about real Nebulas/Stars/ etc things you can see from earth and the location in our sky. The story moves fast and does take time to get used to all the names and such, but it is rare to find a game where the story seems "realistic" where the hero isn't your typical douchebag. Mix in the politics of the nations bidding for power and your heroes roll in it has more of a feel to game. Only thing lacking is the graphics, but if you can look past that, it is an extremely well polished game.

Back to playing

Edit: Finally Beat Infinite Space and definitely in love with it. Giving it the rating of 2nd all time favourite game of DS:
World ends with you > Infinite Space > Devil Survivor > Advanced wars > Knights in Nightmares > lots of other games that don't reach epic level D: