Pearzified Saga: The end?

Rho quickly rushes to Pearz' side to see what had happened.

Still breathing, she's not dead...... yet.

Glancing over at the corpse, it was the same yet different from the other Aaro corpses Rho had seen. Slowly Rho felt a chill as it felt like her mind was being invaded. Struggling to keep control of her mind, Rho tried to crawl towards the door she came in from.

"I told you she would be useful" A familiar voice echoed from the stairwell.

"Heh I figured you had some hand in it, who else would follow Pearz so blindly" Rho said weakly as Lndi's silluoette appeared in the doorway.

"Don't be like that I really love her in a way you would never understand. Not like it will matter soon, Aaro will soon have taken over your body. "

"How is that even possible?" as Rho struggled to keep the mental overload from consuming her.

"Why do you think Doukan was so willing to give you the kingdom shard if it was so important? You were nothing but a pawn to lead us away to buy him some precious time. Either way you played your role, its time for you to be forever be taken over by Aaro. After all it was Doukan's plan from the beginning for you to die to unite the 2 churches to stand a chance against us. Unfortunately even together they do not stand a chance. Shinjuku Babel stands tall uniting everyone."

"Then I would assume somone like Pearz would have had some hand in this plot but I see her lieing here."

"She is lieing here not because she didn't know what was going on, but her own ambition were to great. She waited to long and underestimated the power we accumlated. Now with that Kingdon shard we can finally undo the 2nd seal on Aaro. The first seal unlocked his soul to this world letting him control our minds. With this second seal he will have his power restored and the final seal will unleash his true form. Be greatful with a powerful body like yours it will serve him well."

Just as Rho's mind started fading away, a huge burst came from the Kingdom shard. Instantly Rho felt as if the burden on her mind was lifted.

"Must have been a trap left within the shard from Doukan, guess he wasn't tottally stupid and had a weak backup plan. " as Lndi shielding her eyes and backed off a bit.

Seeing the opportunity Rho puled out her dagger and in 1 swift rush dashed through Lndi.

"To bad being a mastermind makes you talk to much. It left you overconfident and open. This is truely the end." Rho said as she aimed to severed Lndi's head from her body.

"You succeeded in stoping her, but you broke her mental resistance for me to take over. " came Aaro's voice from Lndi's body.

"I should thank you, you freed me from her incessant nagging of how amazing Pearz is." Aaro continued.

With blazing speed Aaro moved into knocking Rho down and robbing the Kingdom shard from her.

"Enough with these games, I have an agenda to keep up" As Aaro smashed the kindom shard into himself.

"With this my power will be restor...."as Aaro randomly broke off.

"Lndi was not wrong, I am amazing. Should have made sure I was dead then to let me rest up my strength." As Pearz got up from behind Aaro.

"It took a while but you you made a mistake bonding with Lndi, I was on her from day 1 and embeded a device in her to paralyze her at my own will. Though I was hoping more that you would try and take me over to get obtain your power the easy way but Rho had to interfere. Now I'll extract it from you the slow painful way." as Pearz couldn't help but show a huge grin.

"You know I won't stand by and let your agenda fall into place" As Rho got in stance in preperation for combat.

"Ahhh Rho, when will you stop being used as a pawn for others. You want your holy war, you can have it. When your father learns Aaro is out of the picture and the kingdom shard is no longer in his control he will be happy to squash Doukan. Not like I like to dirty my own hands, I just want babel for myself. Maybe in the process your father might meet his end and you being shining star of the war will be givin his place. This outcome is mutual benefiticial."

"So you expect me to just let you walk away?"

"You really don't have a choice, I have already absorbed the most important power from Aaro." Pearz says as she vanished from sight.

In the end I was nothing but a mere pawn in all this? This time I will be the one that orchestrates. This is far from over.


That concludes my Saga. I picked Lori as the most amusing answer for lsat and final event.

With this I'll probably never log MT again.

So About Heroes of Might and Mgic Online, WOWWWWWW. The graphics are so bad it was it is worse then the orginal Heroes of might and magic 3. Already uninstalled D:

I also noticed Fantasy Earth Zero is in Oben beta. I downloaded and tried it and it isn't bad. It is more of a FPS game then MMO, so nice to just join randomly to get owned by higher lvl ppl XD

Also got a Starcraft 2 Beta key (thanks Muxy) haven't tried it yet but I'm sure to fail horrible cause I have no Micro.

2 More days for my astral ship in Allods