New patch after thoughts

Well seems just as much QQing on forums lately even though charm prices dropped. That's Allod forums for you. I said when I first started I don't know how the GMs stay sane with this many retards on the forums. ~sigh sigh

Well main reason for post is I do wanna retract something incorrect in my last post. The fresh 40s may have a slower time then before gearing up, but it was not as bad as it first seemed. Blown outta proportion by forum QQers like always.

All the Heroics are alot easier now. You got players able to solo Heroics now. Even I can tank for the red rings no problem. Oreshek is just a joke now. Much more friendly for lvl 40s in blues then it used to be. Not to mention most of the time 2 epics drop now from final boss, add on lots of new blues (good ones :O) dropping from trash mobs too. Really helps cushion the blow for new level 40s better then it used to when players first hit the heroics.

Only real issue is players won't be able to full legendary anywhere as easily as it used to be but meh. At least you can get those epics to be able to compete a bit.

Also I started playing Dragon Quest 9 for DS. Seems decent so far though it does feel a bit grindy.

Edit: Forgot to mention I'm sure glad I made PVP videos before the patch, seems much less PVP action. Might be cause I haven't been to temple often either......