Day 2 of new patch

So this patch has some pretty significant changes. For 1 thing, Asa Teph, generally the most populated map, was near desolate yesterday. I saw a total of like 3 lvl 40s doing same quest as me and only 1 level 27 doing rep quest. So it seems a majority of players have disappeared. Seems every map, even Novograd seems empty. The only map bustling with people is Gipat.

Also judging by quick response by GMs to lower prices, the server must have been much less populated. If it wasn't a a big difference they would have just waited a bit for things to settle first.

So here is my Take on the new patch. For previous level 40s, it doesn't change a whole lot. New death system just paying my money into a different item instead of incense. Gear wise, being done most the gear already how it is changed doesn't have a large effect either.
Taking longer to level also just grindy, not insane bad either, it is the last 2 levels of the game. Still no where close to the kind of grind of MT.

The problem hits for the players not yet 40 extremely hard which is why every map other then Gipat is empty. Here is the Issues:
Pre-patch: after hitting 40, dedicated players could be full epic geared in a matter of 2 weeks, now it would take close to a month minimum (if your lucky) more likely 2 months to get the same kinda stuff.
Exp rates are much higher, leading people to take longer to hit 40.
Death penalty, from 1-35 no one even bothered incensing, now regardless of level you will need blessed charms every time you die.
Astral is back to way it SHOULD be, not flooded with a billion allods, problem is drop rate is still low I presume.
Same goes for quests, it used to be small range you had to be in to get the share of kill. It was increased across map which was a bit ridiculous.

So see how Allod goes, truthfully I still wonder how Allod makes money with such low pricing. Also wonder how RU server lasted against this patch.

Lastly, see how this patch sets in. Hoped I woulda stayed in Allods till FF14(which is speculated to come out Sep 22 :O) came out but if their is no player base, you lose the flare of being an MMO.