Pearz, reporting in?

So with the new patch Allods forums went into a frenzy. A week later, finally forms starting to quiet down a bit. So the new Giveaway I think is a great idea. In contrast to Megaten, when stuff happens they did nothing( I guess locking threads and banning is doing somthing) . At least Aeria quickly lowered prices on cashop and the Giveaway is insane. Even if you exclude the cashop prices that doesn't really cost them money, the other prizes added together is pretty substantial. I mean if a company willing to fork out the big bucks to keep their customers (not just some gimmick of a giveaway) I think they deserve some credit.

At first when I was starting Allods I was skeptical about Gpotato due to pass experiences in Flyff, but as a gaming company I really applaud the work their doing. I mean working to try and fix what they do have control over (item mall) or scheme up new promotions to make you spend more. You decide.

Either way, I learned it is impossible to satisfy the people on Allod Forums. you give them a dollar (the giveaway, item mall price drop) and they yell and curse at you for not giving a million. I mean compared to other F2P games Allods is still by far the cheapiest I seen. These people complaining have not played other F2P games.

~C'est la vie!

Though still, my opinion matters very little. If people believe it really is blasphemy, they will still quit. As such we got a large amount of players quitting, thus beginning the chain reaction. As people quit, you get less player base making game less fun for everyone else and then more people quit completing a vicious cycle.Thus leads me to my next topic.

Me (and some others in guild) is finding Allods less fun lately. Both sides seem to not wanna PVP, and with most of us finished gearing, their isn't much else to do. Also makes me glad I made the PVP videos before the patch even though the quality sucks.

Rho, being the most pissed with new patch, set out to find a new suitable MMO to try. Didn't need to be long term, just bridge the gap between now and FF14 release. Rho has sampled quite a few but they seem even worse then Allods.

Of the games so far left with 2 that seem decent.
1. Loong (it's actual the Pin yin of dragon, the background character in their logo). This game SAYS OB starts Summer 2010, but still no set release date. Seems intersting as it uses the MT system of no classes (so I assume your skill/build determines your class)

2. Soul Master. The NA version is set to be released July 22nd, while the EU version has no release date yet. Now normally I wouldn't care about the EU version, but since Rho is still in China, the NA version blocks IPs from their. Either way I will try this game out when CB starts (the NA version) to see how it is. Your welcome to join me if you wish. Seemed like interesting combat system combined with Chibi characters = win?

Though hard to judge the games yet without getting a hands on first. I'll see how it goes, and on off chance you think you found some amazing MMO that we overlooked, you can post it (not likely though, but you can try ^_^)

On final long post note, finally decided on Animes to watch this season. Going to keep up with Amagami SS (Though Eps 3 just came out today and made me go WTF so much I watched to drop it) and Ookami-san (AKA Grown up Taiga XD. The real name is much more lengthy but first part is enough to find it. Haven't been able to pin all the fairy tales to the characters yet though, but seems solid /end ramble)

Finally thanks for Bern recommending Denpa Teki Na Kanojo (their are only 2 OVAs so far). First eps a bit more gory then I would prefer but overall still a really good anime and worth the watch. (nothing like the crappy Aaro reccomendations :O)

Side note: Latest Eps of Katanagatari (7) was awesumz. Makes me really look forward to more episodes.

Also I fail at Dragon Quest 9, currently on hold due to my own failure D:

Haven't made a long post like this in a while *poofs*