Impressions of Allods CB~

As Pearz mentioned, Allods CB4 is coming to a close and OB will start officially on the 16th!

During my time in CB, I managed to get my pally to lv32, fully testing all my skills and rubies. I dare claim that I am at least half an expert paladin. I've also determined what is sure to be the best DPS and tank build for the class.

In case you can't tell already, I picked an Elf Paladin.
Who are the elves in Allods?

These are the elves. Yum, right?


The highest damaging skill in my arsenal is my racial skill, Pious Brand, and it is what I used to benchmark my highest damage over my career in CB.

Here is my current tooltip for the skill:

Yes 58 (out of 100) energy cost means I'm using a 2h sword. It's expensive; let's move on.

So, let's look at some damage potential:

Poor thing didn't know what hit it.

Random player my level; he died shortly after. Psys are squishy~

Overall, I am very impressed with the class. I don't feel gimped like the the forums say that we are. I don't mind that I won't be first choice for DPS, tanking or healing - because I know I'm the second choice for all of them.

Oh, here are examples of my heals:

Light Nova is still only Tier One due to level restrictions.
I must note that Light Nova also has the healing range of like 100 yards; very nice.

So, anyway, these is the fruits of my limited time pvping in CB (of which I spent most of running away from lv40s that ganked nubs and camped teleports).

Greenhorn indeed.

Well, that's all for now; maybe eventually I'll write a build...or ten.

PS: I won't review Allods because Pearz needs to vindicate herself with one after mine with Aika. p=

bai bai nao <3

~*+ Rho