ETA: Six Days...

So, it has finally been announced that OB is coming to Allods.It starts on Tuesday, February 16; no exact time yet. (Aaro Note~ : Potentially 11am PST; this seems to be when they like ending and beginning things.)

It is going to be brutal at those lowbie areas with everyone crowding the mobs. Owelz. Unless the start time is later in the day, I will be missing the initial surge of players and instead be on the tail end of catching up to the rest of the players. God, I'm not looking forward to overcrowded levelling areas.

Though it's old news by a couple of days: my GS application was deleted. T_T If it wasn't blatantly was a joke application masked with serious wording to make it appear semi-serious. The clincher, I thought, was giving an RT number of 9001. D:

Either way, it's nice to see that some people give serious support, though I'd would like to point out that I could never get GS (neither can Royce, regardless of support). Players like us are too "questionable". Why take a chance on a player that could be beneficial or could cause a lot of problems? Instead, you could take the surefire happy-go-lucky player that does nothing but suck-up. Pretty obvious what to do~ Why fix something that is not broken (in the eyes of the GMs)? Obviously, they can understand the needs of the players and don't need veteran players to tell them. So, end of story: until something big happens to cause them to have an epiphany, neither of us will get GS.

Side note: I've been spam-playing Soul Arena and I'm almost done unlocking most of the characters. (Yay!) All that's left are the brutally annoying ones to do. D:

We're down to 90,100 results now, and we don't even come up as first result anymore. T_T A gold-selling site beats us, along with a blog that hasn't been updated since 2008. >.> /anklez