So 2 days ago I realized I have disappointed my god. My god, Google, apparently came out with its own web browser, Chrome. I quickly downloaded it to try it out. Initially I was not impressed it was missing a lot of key features I was used to in Firefox.

Main perk, a task manger purely for your tabs. Biggest downside, tabs keep getting smaller as you open more (till you can't even tell which tab is for what). So far it has yet to crash, when my firefox seems to crash once a day or so.

So TL:DR; Neither are really better or worse, I'll just use chrome for now (until something fatal occurs that makes me change back) cause its made by my god.

Allods comes out in a little less then 2 days now. I actually didn't finish watching all the animes on my list cause I'm slow.

For anyone that cares I won my first tournament in Soul Arena (playing against scrubs XD). Nonetheless a win is a win muahahahahz I can proudly wear this ugly userbar now.


Edit: O ya happy Chinese new year and valentines day that happen be on same day this year.