So, on Wednesday, they announced that Allods CB4 will be extended for another week. Now, unlike Rho/other people (Aaro Note~: I think I'm being mentioned here), I still have no intention of levelling up more. Knowing that my current "stash" of anime would not last me two weeks (one week of CB, plus the minimum of one week between CB and OB), I decided to pick up an old game. For two days now, I've been playing Soul Arena. It was the sister project of Naruto-Arena that I played long, long ago. (I've actually never played Soul Arena before.)

So, burning my time by playing this Flash game for now, it's been pretty fun. I'm still just having a hell of a hard time remembering all the characters. It just stretches out the anime, since I can do both at once; just slows me down a bit while watching anime. (I pause a lot to think about the next move.)

So, of the anime I've watched so far, Katanagatari and Bakemonogatari are my favorites (though I feel like I lose out a bit on Bakemonogatari, since some of the humour requires you to be more literate in Japanese culture). Plus, they flash text at you too fast; that requires me to pause often. D: Still, I like both of these series a lot.

Since Rho is so Pro at reviews, I'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do a review again. Rho can do all the reviews for you. >.>

*runs off to /anklez*