Random Rant (Like My Other Ones)

Today marks the first day without my laptop. With my warranty about to expire, I sent it in to get that "s" key fixed. I won't have it back for a week. (O NOEZ.) I own an eeePC (it's a netbook), so I'm doing my blog from that.

Note: I hate netbooks in general. The keyboards are not full-size keyboards and thus are extremely hard to type on.

Megaten-wise: I'm pretty much not even logging in lately to do DFQs. I guess finishing to 150 once already drained me out; don't think I can handle it again. With two content patches recently, we won't see another one for months. There's nothing really holding me in Megaten other than grinding to lv93?

In Cloud 9 news: I'm ranked 3th place for fame (which is, in other words, slaughtering unsuspecting nubs). Owelz. I would post some lovely raging at me, but the screens are on my laptop and, as we know, it's being fixed now. D:

I didn't comment much about the whole Diablocake/Finella thing, but if you haven't seen it: the half assed fake apology was made by Diablocake. Here is summary of post:
Paragraph one - Okay...
Paragraph two - WTF?
Paragraph three - The world revolves around me.
Paragraph four - Here's an attempt at re-interpreting the problem.

So~ According to him, THE WHOLE REASON that her blog is still up is PURELY to give him a chance to apologize. (Wow?) He is not the immature one, as only Finella is. (lulz 'Cause even this post is SO mature.) Posting again, this time saying that you were just trying to apologize, doesn't work after you bash them AGAIN while still pretending it was an apology. Let me have a small re-enactment because it's so funny:

Person B - *standing around*
Person A - Hur hur hur. You SUCK! *punches Person B*
Person B - *leaves*
Person A - *goes to find Person A* You know that it was your fault I punched you in the first place, and you really do suck. If you didn't give me an excuse, it wouldn't have happened.
Person B - *silence*
Person A - Yeah, that last statement was an apology.

Pretty lulz to me.

So, with my laptop gone, I've been picking up some random manga to read, and also beat some DS games that I've been meaning to play (like the new Zelda game).

EDIT: I forgot to add this, the ZOMGZ PEARZ CHALLENGE!1!1!!ONE!11
Since I've got Macca sitting around, I decided to start this challenge. Anyone that beats me in a best 2 out of 3 in Advanced Wars: Day of Ruin (it's a DS game) gets 3mil Macca.
(Royce reminded me of the game about a week or two ago, so blame him.)
We will rotate 3 different maps, with the fog of war, and no cheating. (At least, don't cheat if you want to win the macca. XD)