Story Time With Pearz

So, no update to the Pearified Saga, since that takes a good hour or two of my time and also requires the use of my brain. So, instead, I'll tell you how my morning went. lulz

This morning, I had breakfast (consisting of a bagel) at Tim Hortons. For those that don't know what that is: Wiki here; it is a popular coffee/fast food place in Canada. Literally every other intersection has one. It's more common than McDonalds by far (at least, in Toronto anyway).

So, while enjoying my bagel, this man walked in and headed to the counter where they make your food. (There is a counter where they make it in front of you and then hand it to you when they're finished; kind of like at Subway.)

The man then proceeded to start yelling at the guy working. "I shouldn't need to walk in here. I was in line at that drivethrough for 10 minutes. I shouldn't need to waste my time coming in here. Do you guys know how to do your job? I asked for JAM on my bagel, and you gave me this crap. "

The guy working then responded, "When you order a bagel, it comes with butter, so we include it. When you asked for jam, we added it on top so you don't get any less with your bagel."

The man continued to go, "It should be common sense that if I want jam on my bagel, then I don't want any butter. Do any of you even know what you're doing? God, I don't have time for this."

The guy proceeded to leave, kicking open the door, while saying to himself, "God, my whole day is ruined now."

At this point is where everyone inside the place started laughing at his idiocy, and I finished up my bagel. I found this perfect for my morning. Pretty funny how a bit of butter can ruin a whole day and make someone rage like that. I should have recorded and then youtubed it; would have been a great hit. XD

So, in Megaten news, I finished the Lord of Flies Quest and already made my Lilith. The quest took me a good 2-3 hours, but it was new and exciting. ...too bad that was it for content. I tried to stone the Lilith, but failed. My synthesizer does not break the 5% on her crystallize. T_T
So far: 10 tries with Philosopher Stones (15%) and 17 tries with topaz (5%). I fail.
No, don't ask me to make a stone unless you're providing pretty much everything. (._.)

In Cloud 9 news, they got a content patch EXACTLY at the same time as Megaten got the Lord of Flies patch, thus making me pick which one to try first. D: Thus patch included a new continent and a raised level cap of 50.

The funny news is: the protection on their game is garbage. There were players that were caught hacking. This is what happened (quoted from Cloud 9 forum):
"This maintenance is because of ****s newly published hack, which lets people transform to a level 30-50 monster (including bat and more), and lets people log in to others' accounts if they only know their account name. Also, skills that are disabled/not availible yet could be used. This game is **** unless they fix it now. "
Basically (I may not know the exact hack but generally this is how it worked): the game uses a website to launch their game, except you have to log into their website to launch the game, so then you are already logged in by the time to launch. Now the problem is thus: for your browser to launch the game for you, you need an ActiveX plugin. By monitoring the add-on, you can find out what "key/code" is being sent by the website to boot the game.

Obviously, that key was totally non-secure and just included an account name, which is pure fail. That's how people were logging into other people's accounts. The transformation and unreleased skills was just their client files having zero encryption, which is pretty fail too. I was actually planning on doing same thing too, but just as a way to skip the patcher and website launch step. Probably the one that figured it out was doing that too, and just happened to stumbled into an unlocked door to other people's accounts. XD

So, this is pretty lulz. The good news is that the GMs are out of hiding. They seem to actually appear now to address problems on forums and such. Yay~?