Season's Greetings?

So, it's the 23rd and Christmas is coming up. Some of you might not celebrate, so Season's Greetings. XD The good news is that Aaro lent me a big (and I mean HUGE) laptop to use. I can at least Cloud 9~ ^_^ No news yet, though, when I'll get my own one back. T_T
(Aaro Note~ : Comment 1. "At least", you say. It's a perfectly good laptop, actually better than the one I'm using now. It's just my extra now for various other reasons. That's a nice thank-you. *leer* Comment 2. It was purely selfish so you could Cloud 9. After all, there's levels to be had~!)

In Megaten news: the clan lead has officially been passed off to Lndi. Thus, go bother Lndi for anything guild-related. I will still pop into Megaten occasionally, but I think this move to Cloud 9 is permanent. As for the drama that occurred in Rain not long ago, I did not step in for just one reason: I didn't want to pull a Nakasawa (of Lucid). I'm rarely on, so I don't want to be the one that makes a judgement that affects the guild.

In Cloud 9 news: we agreed to remake Rain there. (But we're all too cheap to fork out the money. XD Aaro Note~ : It's, in reality, the fact that both Pearz and Rho stay around less than 1M while I constantly have about 7-9M. If you remember, the guild-making costs 10M. It is actually Pearz and Rho that can't pull their share. n//n) This is mainly due to the fact that most of the guilds already established lack PVPness. I'm already infamous here on Cloud 9, as a "saviour" for the Primus faction, and a wuss by the other faction. I mean just look here.
(Aaro Note~ : That's a long thread. Mention of Pearz shows up near the end of Page 1, then Page 2 is devoted to Pearz fighting back and Page 3 is basically Rho and Pearz discrediting the other side's arguments. Enjoy.)

Our "archnemesis" is a guild called Eternity. They like to run in huge, huge wolf packs and then wonder why we run when we're obviously grossly outnumbered. The funny thing is that they run whenever they are by themselves. It's pretty funny when someone higher level runs from you, fearing a 1v1.

Eternity boosts my ego so much~ Look. (Yes, indeed, the title of our little group is in reference to me. Who else is named after a fruit? XD) Cloud 9 is full of fun, fun, fun e-drama, and I hope more ensues. E-drama = spice of life.

BTW: I'm still looking for people to take up my Advanced wWrs challenge. It's one of my favourite games of all time, and thus a means of handing off some of my money in Megaten to someone.