Rho Feels the Need to Flame People

First off, I'd like to remind myself that I didn't get picked for GS. /sadface

Now that's out of the way.
I want to direct your attention to this thread.
Some of you might have been following the events there.
I, personally, stopped a while back - but then wandered back to it yesterday.

I'm not posting this in the thread because this is absolutely none of my business. I just can't swallow my disgust for some people in this world, so I have to rant about it somewhere - and since it's MegaTen related, here is perfect.

I don't belong to Clan Lucid, so: no, I don't know what really happened. I can only judge based on behaviour and the words in the thread.
[This is also my one and only disclaimer.]

The way I put it all together: Naka&Co formed Lucid but ultimately quit, and then, in one way or another, the reins were left in the hands of Lucis.

This caused ruffles in the smooth silk sheet that is clan harmony, apparently due to the stark difference between Lucis and Naka's leadership styles. People left, new people joined.

And we fast-forward to now. Lucis is trying to get a recruitment thread going and, in the process, said some very bold things that made the current Clan Lucid sound like an elitist guild.

It was all relatively low-key until Naka returned from the dead, feeling like he had a right to even open his mouth.
[I'm sure that, by now, you've realized whose side I'm taking.]

Key drama points:
-Naka feels responsible for Lucid still.
-Naka logged on and started kicking people.

So, let's focus on those, shall we?

Once you give something away, IT'S NOT YOURS ANYMORE, and this includes a clan.
The fact of the matter is: Lucid was not disbanded, but instead, it was passed down. Not to mention the fact that Naka quit and moved on to Aion.

Is your (@Naka) life so goddamn boring that you have to go back to a forum of a game you no longer play just to start drama? I don't even know how to begin to tell you how pathetic you are as a person to just log on and start kicking people; apparently, in this America, we have no decency.

I've personally never heard of Lucid prior to Lucis; I ran into Lucis in PvP time and time again. There are times when we get heated up and sound mean to each other, but I can personally vouch that Lucis is a wonderful person.

When I first read your (@Lucis) recruitment thread, I disliked you. It sounded, indeed, like you were picking a fight. However, I realized that English is not your strong suit - and yet, you still stepped boldly forward, apologizing for it and correcting misunderstandings. I have nothing but respect for you.

Fairly spoken, I have never had any personal interactions with Naka and therefore might not have any favourable bias - but what the hell is this:

----[Quoting Naka]----
不在其位不謀其政, 是涉及到儒家所謂「名分」問題。不在其位而謀其政,容易被人認為是「違禮」之舉,有僭越之嫌...這在春秋末年 BC490! 孔子提出維護社會穩定; 抑制百姓「犯上作亂」的观点。My second major in UCLA was Chinese studies so please don't bring your old confucius bs in there, confucius had done more damage to the Chinese society than goods, besides, this is America, we believe in personal freedom and rights to questioning the authority, something you obviously not use to. Can't blame you, tho, after all most of Chinese had yet to get over the influence of Confucianism; therefore, China has yet to turn into democracy but instead still ruled by a autocratic government.
----[Quoting Naka]----

Essentially, you (@Naka) pulled a quote, interpreted it the way you wanted to, stated your education, and then started looking down your nose at an entire civilization with a guise of pity.

My educational background: Programming, Games Design, Entrepreneurial Major. Thus, I can't pretend that I can compete in knowledge with someone with an EAS degree.

However, I will do the favor of translating these words for you.

One who does not hold a position in state, yet talks of politics, can easily be considered by some to harbour rebellious intent.

孔子提出維護社會穩定; 抑制百姓「犯上作亂」的观点
This is one of Confucius' methods of controlling the populace; if the peasants don't wish to bring bad attention to themselves, they will follow the doctrine: Leave the affairs of state to those who hold a position in state.

To say that it is because of Confucius' teachings that China is not a democracy is something I can agree with; however, to suggest that because China is not democratic, it is flawed (and therefore Confucius' influence is negative) is absolutely not forgivable.

Every organization of man has its own method of controlling the populace.

Should we hate Catholicism and brand its followers as murderers and liars because of the witch hunts and inquisitions? Hate them for denying proper and complete sex education in their schools? No, this is the way the Catholic people have lived; this is the way they choose to live.

Let's hit a bit closer to home, focusing on America's biggest PR boo-boo: fear tactics. It was rampant ever since its founding days, the specific example being the Second Red Scare, during which time the people were taught to be afraid of things that would not happen and hate anyone/anything associated with communism. Yet, people are lined out the door to be American citizens; it's not because they're masochists.

There is support and opposition to every organization; ultimately, we decide if the said organization is good or evil based on whose subjective eyes we are looking through.

However if you truly believes in freedom, you must accept the freedom of others, tolerate those freedoms, and recognize that those freedoms might not echo your own. Anything short of this simply makes you another hypocrite.

Summary of my long-winded rant:
- Knowledge of culture does not equate to knowledge of politics and/or social science.
- One can be knowledgeable and still ignorant.
- A blind preacher can't read from his text; he can only repeat what he heard.

I will leave four words as my final note to be interpreted in any way.
[小人] [大事]

~*+ Rho