Bridgestone pwnz + Random

This commercial almost killed me.
(That means: Go watch it.)

Rho is currently suffering from an affliction called the Phantom Mouse.

Please, let me explain.

I use a mouse; I loved all my mice. Black ones, silver ones, wireless, laser and ball - you name it. However, recently, I only had one mouse, a silver wireless one.

Long story short: It broke a few days ago.

I have yet been able to go to a hardware/accessory store to purchase a new one - so, for the last few days, when I'm not paying attention, my hand instinctively moves towards the side of my laptop to cup the mouse in my palm. Every time, I am met with a pang of shock and then sadness.

To curb this pain, I have placed my TV remote where my mouse once was; now, when I instinctively move my hand there, it is greeted by a familiar feeling of plastic. The sadness still comes, but in a much smaller dosage.

Clearly, Rho has major issues.
She needs to go buy a new mouse soon before the rest of her sanity slips away.

~*+ Rho