Tasogare Otome X Amnesia - 9 - Less Love More Thrill

I have been waiting for an episode like this one since I started watching Tasogare Otome X Amnesia. After countless ecchi moments with Yuuko and stupid mysteries that unveil nothing, episode 9 finally takes in the darkness and uncertainty of the atmosphere. This show has some pretty amazing sunset scenes, shrouding the school in a dark mystery that can only lead to an unhappy ending, unfortunately this amazing artwork is the only thing about the show that creates this atmosphere.

This episode was far greater than anything I expected. Yuuko has always been cheerful, playful, and crazy about Teiichi, but in order to maintain her happy mood she has created Shadow Yuuko, the embodiment of her hatred, pain, jealousy, loneliness and distraught past. I absolutely love Shadow Yuuko's presence, she brings a sense of thrilling mystery and a killer smile shrouded in a dark mist, which is much needed to tone down Yuuko's happiness.

This was the first time we see an exposed Yuuko, no longer does she place her pain and sorrow on her shadow, which seems to be a step in the right direction for her after almost loosing all her memories once again. I always thought Yuuko's past and unwillingness to accept her own pain was childish, however this episode made me realize that having to live through such pain all alone for several decades would be too much for anyone to handle. I would like to know Shadow Yuuko's intentions and whether or not Teiichi could become a victim of Shadow Yuuko's wrath.

For the first time I felt uneasy and uncertain for the events that followed throughout the episode, there was no lovey dovey or silly mystery, instead the show finally grasped its dark and ominous atmosphere.  It's as if the producers decided to throw out all that "I love you" crap in the last episode and leave it at home in order for us to get a decent mysterious thriller episode that isn't plagued by the amount of Yuuko love. I can only hope the next episode is just as thrilling, rather than some silly moments of Teiichi seeing Yuuko's past.