Eureka Seven AO 07-08: WTF?!

Things have just gone all the way downhill since episode five. The plot is either all over the place or not well made. Not only does the series fail to convey the serious atmosphere that its predecessor had, its plot and goals have become very vague. Usually the hero and those close to him have a clear goal and is shown in some way throughout the show.

Politics is another issue in the series as they director fails to clearly show the political situation of the world. They leave that for you as a viewer to find out, which is not a smart move cause though in some cases leaving things for the viewer to find out is a good thing, it isn’t in this situation. That’s because politics isn’t the focus of the series. Then again politics is quite important as it is supposed to make us understand the story as a whole; in this case they should’ve just made it clear through verbal explanation.

In episode seven, the new antagonist and some other characters, speak of “the Truth”. Well what exactly is “the Truth”? This is yet another thing that they fail to answer. Aside from that the Dream of Naru being abducted was very… disturbing as I kept asking myself “why?” From this, it’s quite clear that they are forming a whole lot more questions than answers, so much now that it is destroying my interest in the series. Yeah sure, making mysteries and questions for the viewers is a good thing. But too much of anything is a bad thing. Not to mention, you can’t just throw out a bunch of questions on the viewer’s face, there’s a sort of art to it that requires one to give a question then answer it while building up the next question.

Aside from the questionable character developments, the weird directing of the director and the fact that I can’t take this series seriously, their story and plot structure is, as I’ve said earlier, extremely jumbled up. Episode 5 and 6 introduced the Bruno arc which tried but fail to convey the serious atmosphere they wanted. Episode 7 brought up what I thought would the main or better arc with the new antagonist, but this was quickly destroyed by episode 8 which had no connection to the previous episode. Episode 8 just showed character development between Ao and Fleur and also shows more of the personalities of some other characters. That’s nice and all but if you’re to bring up a new arc, don’t cut it off in the next episode. It’ll make the viewer’s fell disconnected over all destroying the series.

In the end this series is not a worthy successor to the first series and the only reason I still hold on to this is to know what happened to both Eureka and Renton. But judging from the bad occurrences so far, I dread the possibility that the story writer might’ve did something very… bad. (-.-)”