Hyouka 07: Just a bit of Fan service

So far we’ve had two separate episodes each with their own mystery. It seems as though they are, for now, down to the generic mystery trope with each episode standing on their own. I’m not particularly saddened by this; it’s just that I prefer the longer awesome arcs than episodic stuff. Never the less these two recent episodes have been extremely well made and are in the end, entertaining episodes.

I’ve noticed that the way they’ve gone through each mystery arc to be very different from each other. They’ve made sure to keep fresh to the viewer’s how the mystery is solved, showing different ways of unravelling and solving a mystery. This really ties in with the different ways they convey a sub story or visually explain something.

In the mystery of this episode they decided to go with the generic way of slowly feeding us with information, making us draw out our own theories, like a detective show. Although near the end, it was quite obvious who the “culprit” was, we were still left asking the question “what have they done”, this keeps our interest in the episode while still making things different from others. Yet again, an applause must be given for such efforts.

Just wanted to note, Nice save kid! Scenes like these are always fun to watch

Character development is another thing they decided to add to this episode. Here we get to know more of Chitanda and what seems to be Oreki getting attracted to her. Though romance in the series is not very likely, it would be awesome if they added a pinch of it in just like in the Haruhi Suzumiya series. Though I don’t really know why I like subtle romance, I find it to be the best kind if the series doesn’t plan on getting to Clannads level or something. Then again, Okreki may just be deluding from his motion sickness and too much hot springs heat… I want some romance though and you can say that the way he sees Chitanda in the other episodes and the fact that he hasn’t just left her despite his personality must mean something.

So the awesome character designs, plus the effort they put into its detail, then add that to long awaited fan service of this episode, then you got an extremely hot scene of pure awesomeness. Granted it isn’t as much as most fan service scenes of others, it should be known that this series thrives in its simplicity and the subtle way it deals with itself as it tries not to show too much or too less. So in the end, it’s just pure hot sauce FTW.