Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 2-8 Enjoyable Despite Its Flaws

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia has been a let-down from my initial hopes of telling a tale of loneliness. Being a ghost that is Yuuko when only two people (possibly three) can see you would normally be a lonely experience, however Tasogare turned into a mash-up of silly behavior and attempted thrills when really all we see is Yuuko and Teiichi flirt about. 

Despite the all the humor and lame mysteries that float about the school where Teiichi solves by pointing at Yuuko, there has been a startling increase of actual unprecedented thrills. Every mystery around the school usually falls on Yuuko being the cause, this cause has haunted another student by the name of Yuuko because every girl at school thinks she has something to do with the mysteries. This new Yuuko went off making up a new mystery in hopes of killing ghost Yuuko's name, but nearly ends up dying herself at the hands of her fellow students. This act of intended murder had surprised me as I began to reminisce about the show "Another". Following this episode we are reminded about the whole point of our paranormal group, to find out information on Yuuko's background in hopes of recollecting her memories. I admit I was slightly guilty of forgetting this fact among the random love humor Yuuko and Teiichi repeat in each episode. 

It is funny how the flirting has developed jealousy for Yuuko towards other girls near Teiichi. This normal silliness ends up triggering some actual character conflict and brings forth some thrilling information of Yuuko's memory loss. This sudden turn of events quickly change the atmosphere from lovey dovey humor, into an eerie and unsettling sense of mystery. While this show has not fully converted to the dark side, it gives me hope that I will see a continuation of these suspenseful and creepy moments and possibly more intended suffering other than being pushed down the stairs or holding a knife at someone. 

If you haven't been watching the show I can't say I don't recommend it, but it does retain some form of an eerie atmosphere, but mostly its just romance humor with a side of sadness undertones and thriller-esque twists.