Hyouka 06: Ki ni narimasu!

First up is about the author’s idea of sin and I must say, he has a very wrong idea of sin. Yeah, if you’ve got no pride then you’ve got no self-confidence. But pride only becomes a sin when combined with arrogance or when you regard yourself above other. Also raking in money for one’s family isn’t greed, it’s when you want more money than you need that it becomes a sin. What I’m saying is that these things become a sin when you go overboard with them. It’s much like everything else in this world, too much of anything is bad, well, too much of most things in this world is bad.

I’m sure you guys have already noticed this by now but the way they illustrate sub stories and explanations always differ some each other. With each properly complementing the feel of the sub stories or explanation, this yet again is another small thing that they put a lot of effort into and so I believe must be given some praise. This can also be said with the way they show how Chitanda annoys Oreki (As shown above). Though I would really like to see how they first did it in episode one with Chitandas hair growing and entangling Oreki.

Story wise we see yet another extremely simple plot, this time concerning Chitandas anger. However it was quite confusing to understand the goal that Chitanda set. First they talk about the seven sins, and then Chitanda asks Oreki to solve the reason why she got mad. So she told him the sub story, Oreki finds no problem with the story, then Chitanda changes the question to why the teacher got mad. Oreki solves the mystery and Chitanda says that she overstepped her bounds by yelling at the teacher.

So above was pretty much the summary of the story and it doesn’t really have a goal or a compelling reason to be in the series. So I’ve concluded that this episode is just some sort of bridge to the real story arc to come up. This reasoning is backed up by the way Chitanda reacted after the mystery is solved. But then again, this could be a foreshadowing to another different of story arc.

Despite the small confusion, the pros still outweigh the cons and this is still a good episode.