Gundam Age 25 - Brain Damage

So I am guessing they are moving to the final battle already. A super short arc since they want more time for the final arc. Probably 2-3 episodes to wrap things up leaving 14 episodes for first arc, 14 episode for second arc, and a 22 episodes for the final arc where all the timelines "come together" as they keep advertising. This is looking to be quite the grim journey for Asemu, I am surprised their is absolutely no focus on romance with 2 girls wanting him.

So the helmet causes brain damage? I couldn't stop laughing since I knew Asemu was going to use it. Are we going to have a brain dead figure leading the next main character? Clearly Flint was too pro for this arc so they need to weaken Asemu for the next one. It was a pretty convenient plot device to give Asemu the chance to become and X-Rounder though. I was surprised this was the first time they were able to retrieve an enemy suit. I mean in 16? years of war and only got one now? Seems a little far fetched.

Okay, seriously. They are waving this death flag so hard that it would be a miracle if that guy survives. They can't make it any more obvious that he will not get the girl when they are clearly sub characters that are expendable. I still wonder how Romary ties into all this, the romance for Asemu seems pretty detached this arc. It was pretty obvious something was going to happen last season when Flint was frolicing in the forest with Yurin, we have almost no interaction this time.

Seriously, how are they elite? They got shot down like they were nothing last episode. You don't see Desil being shot down that easily, sure he loses, but doesn't die. These guys just ended up looking so bad when everyone can beat them. I guess they just can't get the power balance right in this show. I would have been fine if they were just a generic squad of X-Rounders that were elite. When you call yourself the elite of the elite, it means they are on the same level as Desil. To lose like that is disgraceful.

I finally see why White Wolf has been such an integral part of this arc. He sees himself in Asemu, a pilot that doesn't have any special  powers and honed his skills through dedication to make up for the natural talent the others had. I guess Asemu won't understand this until the final episode of the arc. Afterall, it would be no fun if he suddenly lost that thirst for power.

For a giant space station to be joining the battle, this has got to be the pinnacle of the arc. The Earth will lose their foothold and it will be up to team Gundam to swoop in and save the day blowing up that giant station. If you think back, Asemu has only gotten one upgrade to his suit while Flint got 3, I think I know who got the short end of the stick in this series (and arcs).