Symphogear 13 - Troll End

Oh god, this ending was so painful. I wonder if I am just getting extremely jaded, or did every single show this season have terrible endings. I wouldn't even know how to rank which show had the worse ending at this point. They have all hit so far on the bad spectrum I would need to come up with a new scale to properly judge them. Alas, not only was Symphogear ending terrible, they went back to some terrible art this episode.

One thing I do love is their designs. The concepts of their wings and upgraded symphogears looked awesome. Even the original versions were pretty good, the upgrades just made things even better. They have such nice concepts for the art, the problem was the budget. In many of the scenes, and even this one, the art fluctuates greatly from high quality to some terrible stuff. That low budget is really just horrid on the eyes.

I guess I'll skip the random zerg killing that they decided to throw in for no reason. We already know that the small fry are no match for them, we could tell from 2 episodes in. Fine's new form when she absorbed all those zerglings looked much better, she should have been in this form from the beginning. I always felt that her armor she was using before seemed underpowered and ugly. The only one that could pull off whips as weapons was Epyon.

It was a very nice twist to see Beserker Hibiki again. my question was, why did Chris have to shoot the blade a few more times to send it to Hibiki. Fine was no where close, they created that "urgency" for the situation when their was nothing to worry about. At least we finally get to see the signature attack. It is named after their main "theme" song. It has got to be the strongest attack ever!

I knew it, GOD DAMN. Even at the end that had to redeem Fine a bit. I still fail to see why they absolutely found this necessary. I knew from this moment that everything would be going downhill. She even vowed to kill everyone on the planet by crashing that moon fragment into them. I was more surprised at the length of her chain thing. As dramatic as they made it, it shouldn't have been very hard to pull that piece of the moon to them as it should have already be drifting towards Earth already.

In the end, they had to go the troll route where no one died. That swan song is suppose to kill them, let alone the magic to breath in space and not die. I think it would have been better if they left them all dead and Miku stepped up to be the new power ranger in their place. With the terrible quality and horrible wrap up of events, I seriously question why I watched this show. The only redeeming quality was the music, it was like Guilty Crown except with absolutely terrible budget.