RUINATION - My very own video game

Hey everyone! I have been out of the blogging loop mainly due to this game I created in UDK alongside my teammates for an advance game design course.

Here is a link to the game (410mb), as well as its trailer and poster.

The game was made over 3 months after spending nearly all of my free time on it.
We had a showcase where all 12 groups showed off their game in what seemed like a mini-PAX event. We even had judges from the game industry, such as EA and Radical. They voted on their favorite game and guess what... MY GAME WON! we received a letter of excellence as well as some free games from EA. I worked very hard on this game and would love it if you decided to play it as well.

It is a side scroller 2.5D puzzle platformer where you control two avatars with different abilities in hopes to solve puzzles and escape a crumbling planet.

I don't think the game works for MAC's sadly :(, however I will certainly post a speed run of the game within the week.

Any errors or bugs please let me know at djr7[at] !!!