Last Exile: Fam 20 - Giant Chainsaws

Advanced alien technology that can instantly wipe out everything? No problem, I got a giant chainsaw to fight them off with! So one final episode to see all my predictions come true about this show. I was pretty spot on last week, it is semi-difficult to predict shows like these. They tend to throw in random curve balls for no reason and explain situations as awkwardly as possible.

I didn't even flinch when they attempted and then proceeded to redeem Dian in less then 5 minutes. It is one thing for Millia to be forced into needing Dian's skill, but why the sudden change of heart for Dian? She was pretty hell bent on continuing the war, now she wants to help stop it? She should learn from Sasuke how Darkness works; She didn't even get to kill Luscinia their should no reason for an about face.

Seriously, HOW IS HE ALIVE?!?!? Maybe that chasm wasn't that deep and the ship wouldn't break from such a tiny fall. I should have known he was fine when they had that one downward angle shot and no bridge was broken. Even if he survived, how does he magically have a full fleet behind him too? You would think something like that flying around would be a red flag that something was up.

As expected, the Anatory show up to just do some background firepower. Guns can't win this war, we need the power of moe girls; Only that will soothe Luscinia's heart. At least I liked how they explained why Dio was out of action. Beating a semi-main villian damaged his plot armor and he needs time to regenerate. Still, how can they justify their chainsaws working? Those tentacles are made to smash through ships, It just plows through multiple ships like nothing, yet the chainsaw is magically strong enough to cut those super powerful material?

At least they found a creative way on how to win the battle without actually carrying weapons on their vanships. I can't comment on if what Dian did was even possible since their fuel is obviously a different substance then gas. So the only 2 to make it to the final chamber is Fam and Giselle. How do they plan to stop Luscinia. I mean, they are clearly not strong enough physically, so the only thing left is words. Soothe his heart so he sits around repenting and we get our "healing" anime ending. Too bad they will never really tackle the issue of overpopulation and pretend everything is peachy again. This was a terrible anime to name after chess moves when it was just cute girls doing cute things...