Ano Natsu de Matteru 11 - Against the Universe

A bit of a late post because of some procrastination and being busier than expected, but we're nearing the finale at the penultimate episode of the season. With the arrival of Ichika's sister the previous episode, they are going to address the issue of Ichika leaving at long last. Reserving the final two episodes to resolve the problem is quite fitting as any less time would feel rushed, and any more would likely result in some random filler.

I literally burst out laughing when I saw the pair take Rinon hostage. Ichika seems to be the character with the least resolve. She always requires some external force, or character for that matter, to push her to do what she really wants to do. She gives up too easily because she fears the consequences, and not wanting to bring any trouble to anyone else. I would say that it's selfless to a fault. You really have to be selfish sometimes to get the best outcome.

After Ichika's sister explains to them that alien contact with Earth is illegal because Earth is classified as a Class-F civilization, the gang tries a long-shot, last-ditch effort in an attempt to get through a loophole. After several logical leaps, they come to the conclusion that if they find evidence that aliens have made contact with Earth before at Ichika's envisioned place in the past, they would somehow no longer be classified as a Class-F civilization. Surely enough, they find the place but it becomes a race against time because the kidnap pods make their unwelcome return.

Just who is she exactly? She's portrayed as a rather omnipotent character with access to all kinds of crazy gadgets. I wonder how she convinced Ichika's sister to help them out. Though Ichika's sister seemed sympathetic to their cause, I wouldn't outright rule out that Remon has some sort of leverage over the aliens. Maybe she is Men in Black after all.

The perfect time to ask someone out would be amidst the action, because you won't know how everything will turn out. Now that the already obvious Mio and Tetsurou pairing is finally confirmed, Kanna is playing her role nobly as well. Being good friends that they are, the three of them put themselves at risk to divert the pods away from the main couple. Like the rest of the series, Ano Natsu has really excelled in musical timing during these kinds of scenes.

Director Nagai sure loves his cliffhangers. Judging by the preview, however, it seems to suggest that Ichika will be leaving, but coming back to Earth in the future. Then there's the issue of what the title exactly translates to. I've seen it as "Waiting in the Summer," and "We'll Be Waiting for You That Summer." If we take the latter to be true, the finale may end in a bittersweet note, but hinting hope for the future, which sort of reminds me of Anaru and Jintan's relationship at the end of Ano Hana. Nevertheless, it was a great episode, and I'm looking forward to the finale next week.